Analysts reveal Sony’s PlayStation 4 outsold Xbox One in November, breaking Microsoft’s four-month winning streak for the best selling gaming console.

The last month has been great for PlayStation 4. The Sony console experienced strong November sales, beating out Xbox One in Cyber Monday online sales. The PlayStation 4 also reached 50 million units sold as of December 6th, catapulting it past lifetime sales of the Super Nintendo, and bringing it within striking distance of outselling the NES.

November also saw another milestone for PlayStation 4. According to NPD Group results revealed by GameSpot, Sony’s flagship console once again reclaimed its throne as the best-selling console. After Xbox One dominated sales from July to October, PlayStation 4 has reminded gamers worldwide that it isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

After the release of the Xbox One S in August, and the announcement of Microsoft’s Project Scorpio over the summer, many gamers wondered if Xbox would be the new king of console sales for good. Xbox One continues to offer unique benefits not currently available on any PlayStation 4 consoles, including the PS4 Pro.

playstation 4 pro and slim

One of the biggest pros on the side of Xbox is the 4K Blu-Ray player available on the Xbox One S and the upcoming Project Scorpio. With the growth of 4K gaming, many gamers were surprised to learn Sony’s newest PlayStation 4 model, the PS4 Pro, doesn’t include a 4K Blu-Ray player. Considering that omission, it wasn’t surprising to see Xbox One maintain a lead over PlayStation 4 for multiple months.

But, as they say, all good things must come to an end, at least for Microsoft. Granted, Sony has now released its full line of consoles, and Microsoft still has Project Scorpio waiting in the wings, so it’ll be interesting to see how things play out next holiday season.

While the current holiday shopping season is coming to a close, there’s still a lot of competition coming up in the next few months. Virtual reality is in high demand, and while PlayStation VR sales may be currently lower than expected, the device will likely gain momentum as more titles are released for virtual reality.


Additionally, the Nintendo Switch is set to release in March, and many gamers are anxiously awaiting the upcoming special event in January where Nintendo plans to reveal more information about the console-handheld hybrid. While the Nintendo Switch is only expected to sell a little more than two million units at launch, it has the potential to shake up the console market and throw a wrench into the current console war between PlayStation and Xbox.

As both Microsoft and Sony continue to push big deals for their respective consoles through the rest of December, it’ll be exciting to see whether PlayStation 4 maintains its current lead, or if Xbox One will be able to once again steal away the win for the best selling console.

What do you think about PlayStation 4 beating Xbox One in November sales? Will Xbox rebound, or is PlayStation back to the lead for good?