Thanks to the industry analysis provided by the market research firm known as the NPD Group, it’s well known at this point in time that the PS4 is practically doubling the sales of the Xbox One in the United States at this point. While such a feat is definitely favorable for Sony, according to the tech firm’s global sales chief, Jim Ryan, the PS4 is performing even better in Europe, as unit sales for the console are outpacing Xbox One by “at least 3-to-1.”

This revelation comes about by way of an interview the President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, Shawn Layden, and Jim Ryan had with TIME to discuss where Sony stands regarding the future of PlayStation. As it happens, Layden dismissed critics’ predictions that the console market is drying up, with the American CEO of Sony explaining it’s quite the contrary, as the combined figures for both PS4 and Xbox One units sold-through–that is, consoles bought directly by consumers–are higher than ever in the US. Ryan then added that sales in Europe are even more bountiful for the tech firm.

“It’s been pleasing that in North America, we’ve been 2-to-1 against Xbox. But in Europe, it’s really been fortress PlayStation by at least 3-to-1 in unit sales.”

As the interview progressed, Layden went on to state that such healthy growth in console gaming helped to bring back many Japanese developers and publishers, who had stopped primarily creating games for PlayStation and Xbox at the end of the last generation to focus on generating revenue from mobile titles. When alluding to this notion, the Sony executive made references to titles that have recently released like Final Fantasy 15, Nioh, Nier: Automata, Persona 5, and Resident Evil 7.

Interestingly enough, Layden built upon the nod to Japanese developers and publishers to say that there would be “some big announcements at E3 in that precise vein,” with such a statement certainly leading many to hope that Sony’s press conference at the event will give way to an official confirmation of From Software working on Bloodborne 2 as a PS4 exclusive. Whatever surprises Sony has in store for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, though, the announcements are more than likely going to help push PS4 sales beyond 60 million in 2017.

The PS4 is available now in its standard iteration, in a smaller version as the PS4 Slim, and in an enhanced edition as the PS4 Pro.

Source: TIME