PS4 to Nearly Double Xbox One Sales by 2019

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Wargaming creative director TJ Wagner reports that the PS4 is likely to reach 69 million units sold by 2019, and the Xbox One 39 million in the same time frame.

As many gamers are likely aware, the PlayStation 4 is dominating the eighth generation sales competition. Not only did it leave the Wii U in the dust almost immediately, but it has also outpaced the Xbox One by quite a bit. And if a report by Wargaming creative director TJ Wagner that was discussed during a now-public Game Developers Conference presentation is to be believed, then the sales gap between the two consoles will widen even further by 2019.

Wagner claims that currently, there are 36 million active PlayStation 4 units on the market. By contrast, he states that there are about 19 million active Xbox One units. It's worth noting that Microsoft has decided to stop reporting Xbox One sales figures, and so Xbox One sales are based on analyst reports as opposed to concrete data.

Wagner then went on to state that by 2019, the PS4 will have 69 million active units on the market, which is huge compared to his predicted active Xbox One active units, said to be 39 million. When one considers that the PS4 is nearly at that 39 million units sold already, it puts the eighth generation console sales competition into perspective, and it's hard to deny that the PS4 has won by a landslide.

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Even so, 39 million units sold is not bad for a home console. In fact, the norm used to be for consoles to sell much less than that, but with the gaming industry continuing to grow each year, it's no surprise to see home consoles manage to put out more impressive sales figures than they did 20 years ago. Of course, the Xbox One is not performing as well as the Xbox 360, but it is outperforming the sales of the original Xbox.

And this isn't to say that Xbox won't have some victories every once in awhile. When the console has the stronger lineup of games for any given month, there's a chance that it will outsell the PS4. For example, the Xbox One outsold the PS4 last October, which just so happened to be the month that Halo 5: Guardians released. With Gears of War 4 releasing October 11th, perhaps the Xbox One will be able to claim another victory over the PS4 later this year.

Having said that, barring some major unforeseen development, there's virtually no chance that the Xbox One can catch up to the PS4 in terms of sales. This may be why Microsoft has been more aggressively pursuing the PC market by bringing former Xbox One exclusives to PC, and why the company wants to have Xbox One and PS4 cross-platform play. The mistakes that Microsoft made when first unveiling the Xbox One to the public are at least partly to blame for the PS4's dominance this generation, and despite Phil Spencer's best efforts to right those wrongs, it appears as though it's too little too late.

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