PS4 Sells 2.1 Million Units Worldwide

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Just two weeks after taking North American shores by storm, and moving more than 1 million units in the process, Sony’s PS4 has yet again posted extremely song sales numbers. This time, the next-gen console expanded to an additional 32 countries worldwide, and increased its overall sales tally to more than 2.1 million PS4 units.

As we have already mentioned, the PS4 broke the PSP’s UK record of 185,000 units for a hardware launch, but this news confirms the console sold well around the world. Sony decided to space out their PS4 launches — North America on the 15th and then globally on the 29th — and that decision appears to have paid off. We also wouldn’t be surprised if the addition of the 100,000 units in the tally is a slight dig at Microsoft’s Xbox One, which reportedly sold 1 million units worldwide at launch.

While Sony has yet to provide any region-specific numbers, President and Group CEO Andrew House does mention the console broke a few records in his post on PS Blog Europe. What exactly those records are will likely be detailed further down the line. Similarly, House promised that Sony will continue to introduce new valuable features and services down the line, which will hopefully include things like a suspend/resume mode, support for sharing to YouTube, and media server support.

The most important thing to take away from this news, however, is that the PS4 is selling…and it’s selling well. Not only that but, at least on paper, it appears to be outselling the Xbox One, which debuted in various markets around the globe on November 22nd.

However, like Microsoft, Sony is not done. They still have the Japanese PS4 release — scheduled for February 22, 2014 — to look forward to.

Additionally, many of the markets that have already launched the PS4 are still waiting on second or third shipments of the console, which are apparently coming. Sure, intial launch sales are fun to examine, and listing all the records pads a company’s “stats,” but the success of a console is usually determined by its long-term sales.

Did you pick up a PS4 in the last week? What has your experience been with Sony’s new console?

Source: PS Blog EU

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