PS4 Music Video ‘Perfect Day’ Features Live-Action ‘Killzone’ & ‘Elder Scrolls’

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After several years of speculation, the first next-generation game console is less than one month away – as the Sony PS4 is set for release on Friday, November 15, 2013. Microsoft’s Xbox One follows close behind on Friday, November 22 and should have no problem selling a massive number of hardware units; however, a lower price point along with Sony‘s consumer and developer-friendly approach to this latest PlayStation console has given the company a fresh start for the next-gen console war.

A higher price and a one year Microsoft head start left Sony at a disadvantage out the gate in the last HD console marketplace. Overtime the PS3 has closed the gap but, this round, the publisher does not intend to make the same mistakes – and they’re backing their new machine with some especially creative pre-launch marketing.

The latest PS4 advertisement offers-up an entertaining mix of live-action PS4 game recreations as a pair of friends sing their way through The Elder Scrolls Online, DriveClub, and Killzone: Shadow Fall – to the song “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed.

Killzone Live Action Video Perfect Day

The charming (albeit cheesy) video opens as the two friends duel in the world of The Elder Scrolls Online – with player one claiming victory. Still, player two gets serious payback when he sends his competitor crashing into the barricade in a DriveClub-inspired race. Unfortunately, we never find out who wins the third scenario – an all out live-action version of a Killzone battlefield.

No doubt, the Killzone segment makes a strong case for a live-action film set in the world of the ISA and Helghast but this isn’t the first time that Sony has offered-up cool non-gameplay versions of fan-favorite franchises. Players will easily remember other live-action trailers for the Long Live Play campaign, PlayStation – All-Stars Battle Royale, and Resistance 3. In case you missed one of them, we’ve embedded each one below:

The PS4 ‘Perfect Day’ commercial adds further fuel to Sony’s Greatness Awaits mantra – which has been a fixture of their pre-console launch advertising since the official unveiling of the new PlayStation hardware back in February. The commercial cuts-off after the one minute mark – but the tongue-in-cheek approach of the video coupled with the eye-popping live-action visuals (especially in the Killzone segment) will likely have a lot of Sony fans hoping for an extended version – or possibly a full series of the musical mash-ups.

Who wouldn’t want to see these guys take-on other fan-favorite Sony exclusive game series – especially InFamous: Second Son? Not to mention, pending possible PS4 game announcements in the coming months/years, a singing Nathan Drake from Uncharted and/or Kratos from God of War could have serious viral potential!


The Sony PS4 launches on November 15, 2013.

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