Rumor Patrol: Sony Developers Working On PS4 Titles

Sony Developers Working On PS4 Titles

What can we expect from the next-gen Sony PlayStation console? Rumors and buzz surrounding the PS4 have been making headlines alongside the Xbox 360 successor and the Wii U for months, and according to a few new job postings, Sony developers are looking for talent to help with upcoming next-gen projects.

It comes as no surprise that that there are certain titles that we won't see on the PS3. Hideo Kojima teased his new FOX Engine that rivaled real-life graphic imagery and a security firm predicted a 2014 release for Metal Gear Solid 5, making it a potential PS4 release if it is utilizing the FOX Engine. God of War 4 is also on the industry's radar since it appeared on a retailer list as a pre-order and was rumored for a soonish announcement recently.

Take into account the PS4 AMD processor reports and a recent patent Sony applied for which resembles Microsoft's Kinect camera, and the doors are opening to an entirely new range of games and applications. But don't expect any big announcement on the PS4 just yet as Sony's President claims that there will be no PS4 coverage at E3 this year.

So what can we look forward to? According to one job listing at Sony Computer Entertainment America, they are currently looking for a tools and technology intern for next-gen development, and included the description are a lot of interesting requirements that would lead one to believe that the intern would be handling more game development rather than hardware.

PlayStation Lifestyle also found a job description on Develop that may be linked to Guerrilla Games (Killzone). (Game Rant's own Anthony Mole is crossing his fingers for Killzone 4.) This posting on Develop practically parallels the posting on Guerrilla's website for an assistant art director, but what's more interesting is that if this is in fact true, we may see Killzone 4 on the PS4 as well. The Develop ad states:

"Now working exclusively with an industry leader, on next gen technologies and with major IPs in the pipeline, they are looking to recruit creative and talented individuals."

It's great to see this kind of productivity for next-gen technologies and it gives hope to those who are looking for a PS4 sooner than later, especially if rumors of an Xbox 720 announcement at E3 2012 are true.

Inevitably, Uncharted 4, Resistance 4 and other core Sony franchises will eventually come out and it's likely they'll show up on the PS4 as well.

Ranters, what games would you like to see appear on the PS4?


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Source: PlayStation Lifestyle

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