PS4 Vantage Controller Improves Fortnite Performance

ps4 vantage controller fortnite

When SCUF Gaming revealed its PS4 Vantage controller, many gamers were excited by the product's side-mounted right and left SAX buttons, removable faceplate, audio touch bar, removable vibration modules, paddle control system, remapping switch, customizable thumbsticks, adjustable hair triggers, and choice of D-pads. Beyond these features, however, it was also revealed that the controller's design made Fortnite an easier game for pros.

Scuf Gaming had a minor presence at E3 2018 where the company created custom Fortnite-themed controllers for the Pro Am tournament. Made for the competitors, only 110 of these limited-edition controllers were created and none are for sale. But the popular battle royale game was constantly discussed in conjunction with the Vantage controller, and SCUF Gaming's product manager Jonas Ferry had a lot to say about the subject to ComicBook.

Ferry himself is a well-known former pro player, and he brought the conversation back to Fortnite on numerous occasion. When asked if the controller was tested alongside Fortnite, Ferry revealed that using the controller will make users a better competitor and builder. In fact, Ferry uses the controller for Fortnite and has seen a "huge increase in [his] gameplay."

Moreover, concerning the relationship between the popular battle royale game and the Vantage controller, Ferry went on to say, “Fortnite is extremely complex because there are so many functions, so being able to use more of your hand and adding more access points is going to make you better because it’s going to make you faster.”

The Vantage's SAX buttons come into play here, as they are side-mounted, remappable, and quick to use, which makes the difference in a game as complex as Fortnite. Basically, playing in Builder Pro will let players just use bumpers and map the SAX button to the triggers, allowing players to build without having to move their fingers. The difference in building speed would elevate many competitors' and noncompetitors' ability in the game.

For those interested, the PS4 Vantage controller will retail at $169.95 for the wired version and $199.95. While many gamers will consider the price to be too steep, the cost of a victory royale is priceless for many more. Once the controller becomes available, it'll be interesting to see how it shakes up Fortnite. It can be pre-ordered here.

The PlayStation 4 Vantage controller from SCUF is scheduled to release late summer 2018.

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