It might not be the type of in-depth demonstration that gamers were hoping for, but Sony has released a new trailer highlighting the PS4’s user interface. More specifically, the trailer shows how players will able to use social interaction to improve their experience.

We heard a little bit about the PS4’s UI, and its various social features, but this trailer helps put a lot of those ideas into action. It is important to note that not all of these actions may be running in real time (especially downloads), but that’s to be expected.

In the trailer (shown above), we see that gamers can jump from one application to the next quickly and seamlessly. They can send messages, watch videos, or purchase a game and jump instantly back into their current play session, which in this case involved a level of Knack.

While most will use video sharing to create their own “Let’s Play” channel, this trailer outlines a more helpful use for the feature. PS4 players can create videos for their friends where they show them how to complete a difficult section or take down a challenging boss. It’s a feature that may be considered “cheating,” but it’s also the next evolution of browsing YouTube videos or visiting GameFAQs.

PS4 User Interface Trailer

We’d also venture to guess that game downloads will not be nearly as fast as they are in this trailer. The PS3 is notorious for long download times, and even with automatic updates, we’re not holding our breath that will change with the PS4. It would be nice if they did get speedier, though.

Also, messages that are unobtrusive and readable from any screen could be a godsend. Again, player interaction on the PS3 left a lot to be desired, but this new design looks very nice.

Overall, the PSN interface has some positives and some negatives. Sending messages still looks as antiquated as ever — is he moving the controller to select letters? — and the layout looks more like a Pinterest page than a console dashboard. But the features and options therein could help the PS4 become the social experience Sony would like it to be.

What do you think of the PS4’s user interface? What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it?

The PS4 will be out this Holiday.

Source: Sony

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