PS4 Update 2.5 Includes Data Backup & Accessibility Features

PS4 Hits 18M Units Sold

Since launch in 2013, the PS4 has consistently beaten the Xbox One in terms of sales suggesting that Sony is doing something right. But despite the figures (the most recent tally was 20 million PS4 units sold) showing how much the console is outpacing its rival, some PlayStation fans feel that the Xbox One is leading the pack in one particular area: system updates.

Every single month, almost without fail, the Xbox One gets a brand new update. While some updates are only incremental and don't bring any massive changes, others, such as the screenshot feature or the OneGuide TV listings, do improve usability. Sony, on the other hand much prefers to release PS4 updates once they have prepared a diverse selection of features. While this certainly means they have to make less announcements, it also leaves fans hanging for months at a time while they wait for new updates to roll out.

This latest PS4 update, which will be called 2.5, may just be worth the wait. While Sony hasn't released any official information just yet, members of the PlayStation firmware group have begun leaking info. This time around we've learned that PS4 will be gaining data backup and accessibility features when the next update goes live.

PS4 Update Backup Data

The latest information comes from Twitter user isaparrot who claims to know someone in the firmware testing group. isaparrot says that, "You can now backup games to external. Firmware 2.50 beta," which is something that will be a huge help to those running out of space on their PS4. This way, players who aren't interested in replacing their PS4's existing hard drives can just use an external HDD that they have lying around. It also means that those worried about anything happening to their files can have some extra peace of mind.

Unfortunately, this is still a far cry from being able to install game data directly onto external hard drives. For many people, installed game data is the reason why their PS4 is running out of storage space – not downloaded games and applications – but this will certainly go a long way to help cutting it down.

PS4 Update Accessibility Features

Also useful are the new accessibility features. According to the image above, PS4 users will now be able to make text bold, make it larger and zoom in on it too. The text to speech function will make it a lot easier for players to type in words as well, eliminating the need for complicated controller inputs. Of the other features on the accessibility list, it's unclear what "Add to Quick Menu" does but perhaps this will allow users to access a readily available list of words that they use the most.

isaparrot provided more insight on the Suspend/Resume feature that leaked several days ago too. The feature is meant to allow PS4 users to pick up where they left off without having to restart the game or app that they were using. Today, however, the testers say they have used Suspend/Resume "while watching Netflix. The PS4 will pick up where your watching [sic] and not just reboot the entire app. It's really in memory".

Sadly, Sony hasn't provided a release date for the PS4 2.5 update just yet. Speaking to GameSpot, a company representative said that "The next PS4 system software update will be released soon, and its features are currently being processed for quality assurance. We will have more information on the update to share shortly." The fact that the system update is in beta testing should be taken as a good sign, so we'll update as soon as we know more.

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