PS4 6.50 Update Allows Users to Stream Games on iOS

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The PS4 may be late into its life cycle, but that doesn't mean Sony is done updating it with new features and updates for its users. In fact, players now have the option to remote play games on their mobile devices, so long as they're on iOS.

To start, players simply need to download the Remote Play app onto their phones. From there, they will be prompted to sign into PSN and then connect to their console via WiFi. It's important to make sure that the console is updated to version 6.50. Otherwise, the connection simply won't work. It may also be worth using the manual connection found in the system settings rather than searching via WiFi, as it appears to be a much faster method of connecting.

Once connected, players will be able to control games remotely on their phones via an on-screen controller overlay. As players can probably imagine, it's not the easiest way to control games, as the overlay takes up a significant part of the screen. For users that have one of the larger iPhones, though, it shouldn't present much of an issue.

In our own testing, we were able to play PS4's Spider-Man with relatively few issues. The control layout can make it a tad bit difficult to zip around the city, but everything else worked fine minus a little bit of latency. However, our test against Dark Souls 3 boss Vordt of The Boreal Valley didn't go as well, considering how difficult it is to block and move with the control layout.

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The app is also available on Android at the moment, but it doesn't appear to be supported by every device. With this being the case, users will likely want to stick with iOS app for the time being.

It will be interesting to see if Sony decides to add any more features like this to the PS4 or its future consoles. Some analysts have predicted that the PS5 is still a few years away, so it's possible the company is prototyping new ideas that could also be implemented onto newer hardware.

The PS4 Remote Play App is available to download now on iOS and some Android devices.

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