PS4 Players Can Sign Up to Test New System Updates

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Last week we learned that PS4 players in Japan were beta testing the next major update for the Sony console, with one tester going as far as to leak a few of the features coming with update 3.0 – which included YouTube Broadcasting and some new additions to the main menu like Events and Community sections. At the time, we speculated that the Japanese company would eventually make some kind of announcement regarding the update, and, perhaps, bring the beta to other areas before its public release.

Sony’s done well when it comes to getting its large community involved – another thing they’ve been praised for in the past – and it’s not like there’s a huge downside to letting fans test something early. Fortunately, anyone hoping to be able to take part in this process will get their chance later this Fall, as Sony just announced that any PS4 owners can sign up and become a beta tester for the forthcoming software update. That said, there are a few, albeit minor, steps and requirements that need to be followed.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Sony VP of Platforms Marketing John Koller explains that anyone that wants to participate needs three things: a PS4 (naturally), a working internet connection, and a master account. Sub-accounts will be unable to get access to the pre-release software update.

When it comes to the actual sign up process, it’s as simple as heading here, agreeing to the System Software Beta Agreement, then entering your PSN ID and deciding whether or not to receive more info related to any future beta tests. Those chosen will be sent an email containing a voucher code – much like any other beta test.

PS4 Firmware Update 3.0 Japan Beta

Said Koller:

“We are accepting a limited number of beta testers, so if you’re interested, sign up sooner rather than later. Thanks in advance for helping test the system software update — your feedback will go a long way toward making this even better.”

Sony didn’t specifically state that the beta test was for the 3.0 update, but it’s probably safe to assume that it is and will also have all the new features previously detailed. Of course, this being a preview version of the final release, some features are expected to be missing or unstable. Some comments posed concerns about the beta “bricking” their consoles. In that case, should anyone want to roll back to a previous version of the PS4 software, they can do so whenever they see fit and return to software version 2.57 – the last update the console received.

The PS4 system software beta test is set to begin in “early September.” Presumably, prior to its start, people will receive their beta codes and learn more about which features will be included. It’ll be interesting to see if YouTube Broadcasting will be available, since Sony typically wants people to keep quiet about the contents of the bet. Hence the beta specific forums.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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