About a couple of weeks ago, a report surfaced to suggest that major features and improvements will be brought about to the PS4 through its next firmware update 5.0, intimating that it would not only add PS One Classics compatibility, but also the option for gamers to change their PSN ID. While neither of those features have yet to be confirmed and detailed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, a recent leak of the patch notes for update 5.0 point toward a lot of other changes coming to the hardware.

As it so happens, Eurogamer managed to obtain a copy of PS4‘s update 5.0 release notes, with the outlet primarily noting that the patch will allow PlayStation 4 Pro owners to stream via Twitch at 1080p and 60 FPS. While the Pro console can already be used for 1080p Remote Play and Share Play, it looks like the forthcoming update will further refine high quality video sharing by way of Twitch streaming at 1080p and 60 FPS solely for PS4 Pro platforms with update 5.0 applied.

Furthermore, the PS4’s update 5.0 will offer additional changes that include an overhaul of the hardware’s master and sub account systems, the ability to follow any user, as well as the addition of notifications to the console’s quick menu. With the patch applied, users will have the ability to follow anyone’s account, which makes an adjustment to the current option of only being able to do so with accounts of note, such as the official accounts for games, some individual developers, and the odd influential YouTube gamer. Not to mention, one can decide if they only want existing friends or anybody to follow them, and they will also have the added feature of being able to block users too.

When it comes to sub accounts, the PS4’s 5.0 update will also provide new tools for parents to manage what their children have access to on PSN. With the patch in place, there will be a new web application ready to manage family accounts, and offer access to parental controls and family membership options from one’s PC and smartphone, allowing users to set certain adjustments on a per-account basis.

Finally, the PS4 5.0 update will make notifications and upload/download statuses visible from the Quick Menu that can be accessed after holding down the PlayStation button, which means that users won’t have to go to the notification screen to check on any of these details. Plus, the patch will apparently make minor changes including push notifications for events, spectator comments on screen while broadcasting in VR mode, the ability to link broadcasts to a PlayStation Community, and will add support for the Czech, Thai, Greek, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Romanian, and Hungarian languages.

Taking all of this into account, since Sony has yet to openly confirm any of the aforementioned details for the PS4’s update 5.0, it’s important that we take every piece of information with a grain of salt. After all, the company has yet to even provide an official release date for this major patch, and with PSN boasting more than 70 million users, it’s safe to presume the tech firm will want to be as thorough as possible with any forthcoming changes considering the alterations’ ability to impact such a large pool of people.

The PS4‘s update 5.0 currently lacks a release date.

Source: Eurogamer