Just last week, the patch notes leaked for the PS4‘s major Update 5.0 that’s on the way for all users of the system, revealing new features and alterations set to be brought about for the console in the near future. Now, Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially unveiled what’s set to be included in the patch, as select beta testers have today been given access to all of the forthcoming changes in the update that will incorporate a few big features, as well as some small refinements intending to improve the system’s overall performance and functionality.

Some of the enhancements on the way in the PS4‘s Update 5.0 focus on streaming while using the console’s built-in broadcasting capabilities, as PS4 Pro users will be able to stream in 1080p and 60 FPS, provided their connection is strong enough, while PlayStation VR users will be able to see new messages and comments coming through while broadcasting. Additionally, PSVR will also be adding 5.1ch and 7.1ch virtual surround sound support.

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Another refinement being brought about in the PS4’s Update is Sony’s decision to give the Friends List greater management tools, such as the ability to set up separate lists of friends. Once the patch is in place, users will be able to create a list of all the people they wish to jump into their favorite multiplayer titles with like Overwatch or Destiny and send them all an invite, for example, with the feature replacing the old Favorite Groups tab.

Furthermore, the Quick Menu is set to be updated to have more options after the PS4’s Update 5.0 is implemented. For example, users will be able to check on download progress and see new party invites without having to leave a currently opened application to do so. Plus, one can also leave a party from within that menu and see their current Spotify playlist.

The PS4’s Update 5.0 also intends to improve notifications when watching films and TV, as the patch enables the ability to disable message and other notification pop-ups while watching media. Not to mention, the refinements will also allowing one to change how much of a message is displayed – in addition to its color – when playing, experiencing, or watching any form of content on the console.

Finally, and perhaps the most sizable change, is Sony’s overhaul of the Parental Control features for PS4. Update 5.0 replaces the old Master/Sub account system by making one user the Family Manager, which gives them the ability to set up other accounts and categorize them as a Parent/Guardian, Adult, or Child. Parents or Guardians can restrict Child accounts in their “use of online features and communication with other players,” and put restrictions to games in place, inhibit the use of the Internet browser, and instill PlayStation Store spending limits. Perhaps most interestingly, though, is Sony’s insistence on charging 50¢ for the first time any North American user tries to set up an Adult account in order “to verify that you are an adult.”

While it will be interesting to hear the feedback from Update 5.0’s beta testers, it’s important to note that PS4 consoles undergoing the firmware trial may experience “unexpected issues,” but Sony has assured fans that they can always downgrade the to current version of 4.73. With any luck, this latest patch will be able to lay the groundwork for some much-requested features and improvements for the system.

The PS4 is available now in a standard edition, as the PS4 Slim, and as the PS4 Pro.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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