PS4 Update 4.50 Stopping Consoles from Connecting to Wi-Fi


According to a lot of PS4 users' reports, the latest major firmware update for the system, version 4.50, is stopping some consoles from connecting to Wi-Fi. Once Sony released the update on March 9, after applying the update to their console that morning, a user on the PlayStation Forums started a thread about their new connectivity issue, writing, "I updated my PS4 this morning and after the update it can not connect to wifi," with the user having received the error code NW-31297-2.

The PS4 owner stated that they were "pretty sure the password is correct," adding that their Wi-Fi was working as usual with other devices, and to date, the thread continues to receive updates from numerous other users who claim to be running into the same issue. As it happens, it seems as if those who are still able to connect to Wi-Fi through the console are encountering problems, too, as the user Ghost-Tactics- has said, "Ever since this update I've experienced lag in every online match game and menu."


While the latest system update for PS4 brought about a lot of new features and elements to the console's experience, such as external hard drive support, custom wallpapers, and more, it's understandable for affected users to be distressed over the software update breaking such an important component as Wi-Fi connection. After all, it's been nearly two weeks and some PS4 owners are still reporting that the problem persists.

As of writing, Sony Interactive Entertainment has yet to rectify the issue of these PS4 consoles being unable to connect to Wi-Fi, but it is apparently aware of the problem. Just yesterday, a Sony representative spoke to the outlet Polygon in acknowledgement of the complaints, saying, "We are aware and are looking into the situation."

Of course, this isn't the first instance of a PS4 software update unintentionally knocking out key features on the console, for Update 2.0 caused connection problems for users a couple of years ago. Hopefully, Sony addresses the Wi-Fi connectivity situation soon enough in order to avoid further invoking the ire of the fans impacted by the issue.

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Source: PlayStation Forums, Polygon

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