Sony Interactive Entertainment officially announces the beginning of PlayStation 4’s beta testing signups for the console’s forthcoming firmware Update 4.0.

Similar to Sony’s decision in the past to allow a certain number of PS4 owners to test out the console’s 3.00 and 3.50 updates with sign up previews, the company recently took to the PlayStation Blog to declare the system’s Update 4.0 will have a beta, and that it is scheduled to start soon. Fans can register to test the features of the forthcoming software overhaul before it goes live, but of course, there are some terms and conditions to take into account prior to doing so.

For starters, should a PS4 player wish to sign up for Update 4.0’s beta, one will need to be at least 18 years old and have an Internet-connected console, in addition to having access to a Master Account on the system. Should Sony accept fans into the test and have them install the update, they will be able to revert to the current 3.55 firmware whenever they desire.

Unfortunately, Sony has yet to reveal exactly what the PS4’s Update 4.0 will contain in terms of potential new content and refinements, or when the public should even expect it to come out for the system. With that being the case, it’s safe to assume that the company will provide a clearer idea of the update’s availability and assets once the beta has run its course. Even so, several months ago, a survey hinted at the firmware Update 4.0’s features, offering a decent glimpse of what could come to pass, such as folders and the ability to re-pin apps on the home screen.


According to Sony, the PS4’s Update 4.0 beta should begin sometime in “early August” and it will return to share a primer on what kind of features folks should expect. Fans have until then to sign up to participate in the test, and they can do so right here. The only things required of PS4 owners at this point in time is their PlayStation Network username, the answer of “I AGREE” to the system software’s beta trial agreement, and the login through PlayStation’s community portal.

Should the PS4’s Update 4.0 be like firmware upgrades of the past, then fans definitely ought to be in for some interesting additions. Sony incorporated a lot of new features back in April with the 3.50 update, which brought about communities, a dedicated PlayStation Plus hub, the ability to post video clips to Twitter, and lots more. Eventually, fans discovered a lot of additional features that weren’t advertised, such as a USB music player, as well as support for 4 TB hard drives.

What kind of features would you like to see make their way into PS4’s Update 4.0? A completely different UI, perhaps? Or do you want something simple, like the ability to change your username? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The beta for PS4‘s Update 4.0 is set to begin sometime toward the beginning of August.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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