PS4 Update 2.0 Adds Unique Share Play Feature for Online Co-op

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Since launching the PS4 in November Sony has slowly been improving their new console’s feature-set through regular updates. There have been a few user interface tweaks since launch, but most of Sony’s attention has been focused on sharing, of both the screenshot and gameplay variety.

With PS4 Update 2.0, however, Sony is taking the idea of sharing a step further with their new Share Play feature. In fact, if Share Play works as intended, it could further push the new-gen console war in Sony and the PS4‘s favor.

While firm details are still a little hazy, Share Play reportedly gives gamers the ability to share their PS4 title with a friend without that friend actually owning the game. In essence, Share Play takes the concept of local, couch-based co-op and brings it to the online space. Some examples given on the PS Blog include playing a round of NBA 2K 15 or tacking Towerfall Ascension‘s Quest Mode with a friend.

Another handy feature reportedly included with Share Play is the ability to share your screen with a friend. That way, a friend can help you get past a particular troublesome section of a game either through coaching or even taking direct control over the game. Cool.

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It’s worth pointing out, though, that it sounds like Share Play will still have some limitations – we just don’t know what they are. With Far Cry 4, for example, offers a similar friends-play-for-free feature, but uses tokens to limit access. We’d venture to guess that Share Play might work in a similar fashion, either limiting friend access by tokens or perhaps even sequestering friends to small sections of a game.

Regardless, this Share Play feature could prove extremely useful for PS4 owners and their friends. Not only does it serve as a demo of sorts, but the feature also brings back the concept of local co-op…only over the Internet.

Although Share Play might be one of the bigger features included with the update, Sony promises that they will have more to say about 2.0’s new features in the future. We already know that the update includes increased gameplay streaming and uploading functionality, specifically for use with YouTube, but we’d venture to guess that’s not all Sony has planned. Either way, we’ll find out more when the update hits this fall.

What do you think of the Share Play feature? What other features would you like to see included with the 2.0 update?

Source: PS Blog

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