PS4 Universal Remote Coming Late October

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In this day and age, it is pretty much expected that a console will have multimedia capabilities. Games simply aren’t enough anymore; the discerning console gamer also wants access to Netflix, HBO Go, and additional media apps. Touting itself as a multimedia epicenter, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has plenty of app support for fans looking for a console that can double as a media center.

But while the PS4 does a bang-up job of allowing games to view BluRay movies and surf the “Recently Added” sections on Amazon Prime, many find the system’s DualShock 4 controller a bit troublesome. Pausing, rewinding, and navigating back to the main menu can oftentimes become full-blown affairs, taking away gamers precious movie and TV viewing time. Thankfully, Sony has heard gamer’s cries for something easier and have responded with the Universal Media Remote, and the company is gearing up for the peripheral’s late October launch.

Designed by Sony in conjunction with Performance Designed Products, the Universal Media Remote promises to streamline the viewing experience for PS4 users. Resembling a standard TV remote, the Universal Media Remote features the four face buttons found on the DualShock 4, but offers a variety of additional options including volume buttons, an eject button, and dedicated stop and pause buttons. For gamers wondering why the controller features numerical channel buttons, the Universal Media Remote is crafted to work in conjunction with other, non-PS4 devices, including cable boxes, TVs, and audio receivers.

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For gamers looking to use the Universal Media Remote with the PS4, Sony has released a full list of apps that will work with the remote, which includes:

*BluRay Disc Player




*Media Player

*NBA Game Time


*NFL Sunday Ticket

*PlayStation Video

*Playstation Vue



While the remote won’t support apps like Amazon Prime and Crackle at launch, Sony has promised that additional app support will be added as time goes on. Presumably, the more demand there is for a specific app, then the more likely it is that support will come.

Gamers looking to cut the DualShock 4 out of the media equation can go ahead and plunk down the $29.99 to pre-order the peripheral on the official PlayStation website, but the devices won’t ship until October 27th. While Sony’s history with peripherals is spotty (lest the PlayStation Move is forgotten), the Universal Media Remote seems to be a good alternative to wrestling with the controller while watching a movie.

Source: PlayStation Blog