Over the next few weeks (if not the next few months), gamers are likely to hear a lot about next-gen sales estimates, projections, and records concerning both the PS4 and Xbox One. And as each begin to expand to additional territories and bolster their post-launch supply counts, the picture will start to get clearer as to who “won” and where.

Thus far, we already know that the PS4 and Xbox One sold very well during their first 24 hours of release, with both selling-through more than 1 million units. But what about sales during the following weeks, specifically during the biggest shopping day of the year, and, for the PS4, during its UK launch? It looks like both did excellent business then as well.

For the PS4, Sony’s UK launch went off, seemingly, without a hitch, easily setting the record for fastest-selling console in the region. Unfortunately, we don’t have any official numbers, only that the PS4 bested the previous record holder, the PSP, and its 185,000 units sold tally.

Although we haven’t heard region-specific numbers from Microsoft, Eurogamer suggests the Xbox One did not outsell the PSP in the UK, since they mention the PS4 broke the handheld’s record and not Microsoft’s. That could be due to a lack of supply for the Xbox One in the UK, but it’s unclear at this point.

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On the software side, the PS4 launch helped boost sales for Call of Duty: Ghosts, which once again claimed the top spot for games in the UK. Not far behind was FIFA 14, one of the biggest franchises in the UK, and Battlefield 4 came in third. Strangely, Killzone: Shadow Fall only placed fourth, despite being a PS4 exclusive.

While the Xbox One couldn’t best the PS4 in the UK, it did outsell the console on Black Friday, taking a 31% share of all hardware sales during that all-important Holiday shopping day. The Xbox 360 wasn’t too far behind its predecessor on Black Friday either, taking 30% of all hardware sales. But it should be mentioned Walmart had a special $99 Xbox 360 bundle that likely helped boost overall sales.

As far as the PS4 is concerned, Sony’s console only took a 15% share of Black Friday sales, matching its previous-gen counterpart. InfoScout reasons that the PS4’s small percentage share likely had a lot to do with its short supply over the holiday weekend, making direct comparisons a little unfair.

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For software, Call of Duty: Ghosts once again took the top spot, ahead of Disney Infinity and Skylanders: Swap Force, respectively. Obviously, considering the amount of shopping for children that took place over Black Friday, it’s no surprise that these two huge, collectible-focused franchises posted strong holiday sales numbers.

As gamers can now see, the console war is only heating up, with each device winning some smaller battles. Granted, victories on either side of the spectrum have their own qualifiers (lack of supply, no official numbers given), but the good news is that gamers have two shiny new pieces of hardware in their living rooms.

Did you pick up an Xbox One or a PS4 on Black Friday? Did anyone actually see them on store shelves or were they already sold out?

Source: Eurogamer, InfoScout