Sony details the PS4 system update 4.5, revealing that the upcoming software update will finally add external hard drive support to the console, along with custom wallpapers.

When PS4 system update 4.0 went live several months ago, it added a variety of new features and tweaks such as HDR support, an improved Music section, and the ability to transfer data from one PS4 console to another. But although the update was significant and gave PlayStation gamers several features that they’d been asking for for quite some time, it didn’t deliver everything on their wishlists. However, the next, ‘major’ PS4 system update gets the console a bit closer to system software perfection.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, PS4 system update 4.5 will introduce plenty of new features in its bag of tricks. The most significant addition is external hard drive support, as players will be able to plug in a USB 3.0 HDD into their PS4 to give their system a bit of extra space.


John Koller, the vice president of PlayStation brand marketing, explains that HDDs of up to 8TB will be compatible and players can download and install applications “directly” to their extra storage. Apps saved to the external hard drive will appear on the Content Launcher on the PS4 Home Menu too “so it’s easy to keep track of what apps you launched recently.”

PS4 system update 4.5 also introduces the ability to set custom wallpapers, using in-game screenshots. This will be fantastic news for those who’ve purchased a PS4 Pro and want to show off the amazing graphics of games like Final Fantasy XV, which has PS4 Pro support and offers 4K visuals. Other new features in update 4.5 include the ability view 3D movies via the PlayStation VR headset, the ability to post directly to the PlayStation Network Activity Feed and a “simplified” list of Notifications. The ability to customize which notifications pop-up will also be welcomed by fans.

Unfortunately, it’s currently unclear exactly when PS4 system update 4.5 will go live. Although Koller says that “additional info” and the “launch timing” of the update will we provided “in the weeks to come” there’s no suggestion of when the update will be rolled out to all. Those who are eager to get their hands on the update and try it ahead of the full launch, though, can sign up to be a PS4 update beta tester. People who are already beta testers are already receiving their emails on how to download the update and then start testing the features, says Koller, so they should look out for that message to start checking it out.

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