PS4 Suspend/Resume Update Hits Tomorrow

PS4 Suspend Resume

While the PS4 may be beating the Xbox One when it comes to sales, gamers have criticized Sony for failing to release updates as often as Microsoft. The Xbox One receives a new update monthly (the most recent one added screenshots), whereas the last big PS4 system update, which added Share Play and the ability to watch past streaming broadcasts, was released in October.

Thankfully, there's less than a day to wait, as PS4 system update 2.50 (codenamed 'Yukimura') will be released tomorrow. The release of update 2.50 comes after Sony conducted some last minute beta tests on the software.

Many of the update's biggest features were leaked by people in the firmware testing group, but after finalizing the details, Sony has released the full list of what we can expect. The update's biggest feature is Suspend/Resume which allows users to suspend and resume games even if they have put their PS4s into 'Rest Mode' (the PS4's standby setting).

Sony also confirms that "nearly all" PS4 titles support the feature, but they have made no mention of using Suspend/Resume with apps like Netflix, something that firmware testers were saying was possible. It's unclear whether Suspend/Resume for apps has been nixed or if Sony has just forgotten to mention it.

Also set to be a popular feature is the ability to back up data on a USB drive. Plugging a USB drive into a PS4 now allows users to back up and restore data including settings, save data, screenshots, video clips, games, patches and download data too. Sony explains that users can do this if the data is "associated with users on your PS4," which seems to suggest that if people get data from one PS4 machine, it won't work on another PS4 unit. That's unsurprising as without this it would be far easier for people to pirate PS4 games.

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Many of the new features in PS4 update 2.50 are related to social activity. For example, the PS4 will automatically take a screenshot when a player unlocks a trophy and players can share trophies via Facebook, Twitter or a PSN message. 2.50 makes it easier to find Facebook friends on PSN too thanks to the 'Facebook Friend Finder' (which uses a linked Facebook account).

Other useful features include the ability to upload videos to Dailymotion, the ability to upgrade PSN sub-accounts to full ones, new accessibility options (including bigger text and custom button assignments), 60fps support for Remote and Share Play, and developers and community managers will now have 'Verified' badges to let players know they're the real deal. Plus, PS4s will be able to automatically install system updates in the future.

Unfortunately, Sony hasn't revealed how big the update file will be but as this adds a lot of gamers' most-wanted features, many PS4 players won't mind if the download is a little larger than usual. Let's just hope that update 2.50 doesn't break Sony's servers the way 2.04 did.

Which features do you want Sony to add to PS4? Are you happy with the amount of updates the PS4 has received since launch?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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