Sony Still Working On PS4's Suspend/Resume Feature

PS4 Suspend/Resume Announcement

Sony initially revealed the PlayStation 4 last February along with tons of features the system would come with... eventually. One such feature, suspend/resume, was a highlight for some, with the feature allowing users to suspend their game, put the PS4 into a low-power state, then come back some time later to resume playing; no progress lost.

You may have noticed however, that despite several system updates that have been issued in the last year and a half, the suspend/resume feature has yet to make an appearance.

Not even in what could be considered as one of the PS4's largest update, System Update 2.0, is there even a hint of the suspend function. Sony has also shied away from discussing the missing feature, which could be taken as a sign that things aren't progressing very well. It's also a reminder of not to go buy marketing promises of video game products before release.

Speaking to VideoGamer last week though, SCEE's VP of product planning Murray Hume stated that, while the company has been quiet about the feature, it's actually still in development:

"There's nothing to announce today, we haven't stopped working on it."

Hume didn't offer a release window in which the suspend/resume feature could launch for PS4 owners, and it seems more and more likely that we won't be seeing the feature until sometime in 2015. A bit disappointing if true, as the feature has been on the waiting list for quite some time now, though, like Share Play, we can still expect it to release eventually.

It's almost similar to the Xbox One's own screenshot taking feature, in the sense that it's a highly requested feature that won't see a release until next year, a long time after the hardware release. Unlike Microsoft and the Xbox One, though, Sony hasn't explained the lengthy wait for the PS4's suspend feature.

PS4 Suspend/Resume Feature

Some systems like the Nintendo 3DS already allow players to suspend their games by simply pressing the 'Home' button. The 3DS can also be closed while a game is suspended, without fear of losing progress or the battery taking a large hit.

System Update 2.0 is out now for PS4 owners, and it introduces several new features, including the previously mentioned Share Play, the ability to upload game clips straight to YouTube, improved voice commands, and more.

How eager are you to finally be able to suspend and resume your PS4 games? It would certainly be useful in situations where you can't pause, but you have to stop playing for whatever reason. Or do some of you just want the feature to be implemented as soon as possible so we can potentially move on to bigger and better features?

Source: VideoGamer

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