Sony Confirms Suspend/Resume Feature for PS4 Update 2.5

PS4 Suspend Resume

When information began dropping earlier this week about the upcoming 2.5 update for the PS4, people started to get excited. Specifically, players were happy that the long-desired suspend/resume feature Sony announced two years ago finally seemed to be among the console's new features. However, despite leaked evidence that included screenshots and user testimonials, the feature remained unconfirmed. Given that Microsoft recently updated the Xbox One with its own highly requested screenshot feature, it was clearly in Sony's best interest to say something about the update, and what it has in store for PS4 owners.

Thankfully, the wait for an official announcement wasn't a long one, as Sony took to the PlayStation Blog today to officially announce PS4 Update 2.5, also known as 'Yukimura,' and confirmed Suspend/Resume's inclusion. The Suspend/Resume feature will be supported by "nearly all PS4 titles"; Sony didn't explain which games wouldn't utilize the feature, and why not. Suspend/Resume should be easy to use, too. Players only need to hit the PS button on the DualShock 4 once, and they'll be put right back into the game (or apps like Netflix) without losing any progress.

Better accessibility options was the other interesting topic mentioned in the leaked info, and Sony provided details on those as well. The biggest changes, of course, are the ability to remap buttons and the addition of text to speech. It is currently unknown if the text to speech feature will work in reverse (speaking instead of typing). Additionally, the 'Add to Quick Menu' option seen in leaked screenshots wasn't mentioned, although more on information regarding the 2.5 update is expected to surface as its still-unannounced release date approaches.

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In the announcement, Sony thanked players for their feedback, saying:

While developing the PlayStation 4 system, our hardware and software teams relied on feedback from our community of developers. The result is the most innovative and forward-thinking gaming console in the market today.

Since launch, PlayStation has continued that trend of listening to feedback by bringing some of the most highly requested features from the PlayStation Nation to PS4 with each of our system software updates.

With the Yukimura update, users will be able to change their sub accounts to master accounts straight from the PS4, forgoing the the Sony Entertainment Network website. Users will also be able to add new people to their friends list by searching Facebook and adding contacts who are already PlayStation Network members.

Remote Play and Share Play will both receive updates as well, now supporting games that can run at 60fps. Trophies will have more sorting options, including the ability to delete games that have 0% completion, and every trophy will include a screenshot, allowing people to more easily share their accomplishments. Hopefully, trophy screenshots won't clutter up the PS4's internal hard drive, causing owners to worry about how much space they have left. After all, those PS Plus games need to go somewhere.

According to the PS Blog, PS4 Update 2.5 is still in beta. While Sony's process isn't as public as the Xbox One's beta program, it's still good to see Sony working out the bugs before release. Suspend/Resume is an ambitious feature, and Sony definitely wants to release it in the best working condition possible.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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