PS4 Survey Hints at Firmware Update 4.0’s Key Features

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A leaked Sony survey hints at some of the key features of PlayStation 4 firmware update 4.0, including folders, PS1/PS2 game support, wishlists, and more.

Last month, Sony released PS4 firmware update 3.0 This update introduced several new features such as the ability to stream to YouTube Gaming, the Events hub, Communities and stickers, which allow people to add a little ‘something’ to their messages with friends. Although these features were welcomed by PS4 users, not everyone felt that it was enough and it seems that Sony is already working hard to fix that with the next firmware update.

In an invite-only survey which was recently sent out to PlayStation gamers (and was leaked via NeoGAF), Sony asked for suggestions for PS4 firmware update 4.0 and offered a checklist, which seemed to be compiled of fans’ most-wanted requests. Although it didn’t include everything that PS4 users are keen to see, it did hint at the ability to delete items from the PS4‘s library, library filtering, and the introduction of folders was also listed. This should benefit many PS4 users who have complained that the console’s library and media bar are too cluttered and difficult to navigate. Moreover, wishlists were mentioned too, with wishlists being made available on the web and app versions of the PlayStation Store but not yet on the console versions.

PS4 Firmware Update 4.0 Survey screenshot

Additionally PS1 and PS2 classics are mentioned. Although Sony’s game streaming service PlayStation Now allows PS3 games to be played on PS4, PS1 and PS2 games are not supported. While it’s unclear whether the PS1/PS2 game support would be available for free or as part of PS Now, adding more previous-gen support seems like a no-brainer as the Xbox One will soon get Xbox 360 game support. Not only that but the PS3 had PS1/PS2 game support with titles like Crash Team Racing and Wipeout both being compatible on the last-gen console, so, adding that support to PS4 could encourage even more PS3 users to buy Sony’s current-gen console.

As for when PS4 users are likely to see PS4 firmware update 4.0, that too was up for debate in the survey. Asking survey takers when they would expect the company to release “the next big System Software update (System Software 4.0) with new features?” a range of dates from ‘before the end of 2015’ all the way to ‘2017 or later’ were listed as options. Assuming that most people want the update sooner rather than later, PS4 users may well see the update before the year is out, however, this will depend on whether Sony has enough time to develop and test the update between now and then.

Source: NeoGAF

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