Check Out the Insides of the PlayStation 4 Slim

Check Out the Insides of the PlayStation 4 Slim - PS4 Slim teardown video

YouTube channel Links-Tech dismantles what is allegedly the unannounced PlayStation 4 Slim console, revealing some new information on the device in the process.

Even though Sony has yet to officially announce the device, there is simply too much evidence to deny it:  PlayStation 4 Slim exists. There has been plenty of footage on the Internet of people that have gotten their hands on a PS4 Slim, with some examining the slightly redesigned controller, and others showing off the console in unboxing videos. One YouTube channel has decided to take things a step further, taking apart the entire PS4 Slim console to show fans exactly what's inside.

The video was created by Links-Tech, and it displays every component that makes up a PS4 Slim. Analysis of the video indicates that PS4 Slim will essentially be the same as a PS4, but smaller, as its name suggests. Some were hoping that PS4 Slim would be able to reach 4K resolution, but the PS4 Slim teardown video seems to dash those dreams. Those waiting for a more powerful version of the PlayStation 4 should probably hold out for PlayStation Neo, which is a device that has at least been confirmed to exist by Sony.


While the work Links-Tech has done with tearing apart the PS4 Slim gives us insight into its graphical capabilities and potential enhancements when compared to the original PS4, there are some questions it can't answer. For example, we still have no idea when PS4 Slim will be available for purchase, let alone how much it will cost. Luckily, fans shouldn't have to wait long for that info; unless all these PS4 Slim videos are part of some elaborate hoax, all signs point to Sony giving fans concrete details on the console on Wednesday, September 7th.

September 7th, for the uninitiated, marks the day of the special PlayStation event, where Sony is expected to unveil PS4 Slim, PlayStation Neo, and possibly highlight some of its upcoming software lineup as well. After all, Sony skipped Gamescom again this year, and so many are hoping that the company will deliver more than just hardware info at the special PlayStation event on September 7th. Perhaps fans will get another look at the new God of War game, or maybe Sony will reveal more information about the Crash Bandicoot remasters that were announced at this past year's E3.

Even if Sony chooses to focus entirely on hardware instead of software, the event should still be exciting for PlayStation fans as well as those considering the possibility of purchasing a PS4 for the first time. Fans should pay attention to Sony's presentation on September 7th for the chance to learn more about both of the company's upcoming new consoles.

Source: Links-Tech (via Segment Next)

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