New reports say that Sony will unveil a slim version of the PlayStation 4 this fall in addition to the previously announced upgraded version of the PS4, called Neo.

Amid rumors that an upgraded version of the PlayStation 4 was in development by Sony, a week prior to E3 this year, the company confirmed the existence of the PlayStation Neo. The announcement was to let fans know that the Neo was in fact real, but that it would not be making a showing at E3 this year. On the other side of the aisle, Microsoft showed off its new Xbox S at E3 where it also teased its own upgraded version of the Xbox One, Scorpio.

A new leg of the console race is set to begin as it is expected that PlayStation Neo and Xbox Scorpio will both release in 2017. But according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, it appears that Sony will not be sitting out of the slim console competition either. Sony is reportedly set to unveil a slim version of the PS4, as well as show off the Neo for the first time, at Tokyo Game Show in September.

Unfortunately, the article on the Wall Street Journal is only accessible to paid subscribers. However, the writer, Takashi Mochizuki, tweeted out the news as well:

Considering that Wall Street Journal is not known for publishing rumors or unsubstantiated information, the chance of the PS4 Slim debuting this fall appears likely. Mochizuki said the information about the PS4 Slim came from a “Sony analyst” and that Sony has yet to make an official comment on the report.

No details on the PS4 Slim’s form factor nor its internal specifications are known. Microsoft’s Xbox One S is not only a more compact version of the Xbox One, but it also has upgraded hardware allowing it to display in 4K along with a 2TB hard drive. It will be interesting to see if the rumors about a slim PS4 proves true, if Sony will buff some of its capabilities as well. The Xbox One S will launch August 31 of this year so if Sony is looking to compete, a PS4 Slim would likely also be out this fall.

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Sony says that the Neo—and assumedly, by extension, a slim version of the PS4—will not shorten the lifecycle of the PS4. Sony considers it to still be a part of this console generation.

The Tokyo Game Show is held September 15-17 this year. So, unless there are more leaks or rumors about the PS4 Slim, that is when an official announcement will be made, if true.

Do you think Sony will release at PlayStation 4 Slim this fall?

Source: The Wall Street Journal (via GamesRadar)