A brand new video confirms the existence of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation 4 Slim, with the footage showing the forthcoming console booting up.

UPDATE: Eurogamer states it has taken the video down “after taking legal advice.” The original story continues below.

Following the leak of pictures online last night of the long-rumored PS4 Slim, it seems as if Sony does indeed have the hardware in the works, as the fine folks at Eurogamer recently followed up on the reveals by talking to a person who claimed to have bought the console from the UK classifieds site known as Gumtree. As it happens, Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter even managed to capture footage of the PS4 Slim booting up, which lends further credence to the console’s existence.

Found in the video courtesy of Eurogamer below, the PlayStation 4 Slim boots up and opens upon the home menu just as the larger version of the console would. The only difference in the two being, of course, the former’s reduced physical size and slight variation in color, as the smaller system has a lighter hue of grayish coal than the latter’s jet black.

As previously mentioned, hearsay about the PS4 Slim has been around for quite some time, even as far back as a couple of years ago when alleged design photos of the console — then code named “Monolith” — hit the Web. Of course, now all of the rumors on the issue of it being in production can be dropped and revered as true thanks to corroboration of its actuality being shown in video footage through Eurogamer.

Interestingly, Sony Interactive Entertainment has yet to publicly address the PlayStation 4 Slim as a legitimate product, but considering the fact that this news is so fresh, the company will likely respond in due time. As it happens, according to the clip from Eurogamer above, there will apparently be more details to come out about the device within the week.


A recent report has claimed that the PS4 Slim will be officially announced by Sony next month at the company’s event known as the PlayStation Meeting on September 7, with it beginning at 3:00 PM. According to further speculation, not only will the more compact version of the console be revealed at the affair, but also the tech firm supposedly has plans to make an announcement involving the Neo — that is, Sony’s extra powerful iteration of the PlayStation 4.

Taking all of this into consideration, even though Sony has yet to openly acknowledge the PS4 Slim, the console’s existence should come as no surprise to gaming fans. After all, beyond the numerous rumors of it being in production, the company has continually put out tinier versions of its PlayStation systems all the way back to the PSOne, which came out in the year 2000. That said, though, there’s no telling as to whether or not fans will be privy to a reduced price when the console does finally come out.

The PS4 Slim has yet to be officially announced.

Source: Eurogamer

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