PS4 Slim Is Finally Going To Support 5Ghz WiFi

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According to new info from a PlayStation 4 Slim user, the new console is set to include support for 5Ghz WiFi networks, bringing it up to speed with modern networking devices.

Ever since rumors regarding the existence of an upgraded PlayStation 4 Neo console first emerged a few weeks ago, the community has been wrapped in speculation as to what new console upgrades Sony has up its sleeve. While Sony has since kept the Neo under wraps, there has been confirmation of the existence of a new slim version of the PS4, which will reportedly be revealed in the next few weeks. Since then, details regarding the PS4 Slim have began to emerge, and if some new information from a supposed PS4 Slim user is to be believed, it appears that the new console will have some additional features beyond new controllers.

According to a Twitter user by the name of shortman82, it appears that the new PS4 Slim console will include support for 5Ghz WiFi networks, up from the 2.4Ghz support currently found in the original PS4 and older PlayStation consoles. In response to questions regarding the PS4 Slim's network support, shortman82 tweeted an image from the new console's network status screen, which features a new "Wi-Fi Frequency Band In Use" status.

In addition to the network status screenshot, shortman82 also uploaded a photo of what appears to be the PS4 Slim's manual, and it features a direct reference to the console's reported 5Ghz capabilities. And lastly, shortman82 posted up one final tweet that suggests that the PS4 Slim will also support B/G/N/AC WiFi modes.




For those who are unaware, 5Ghz WiFi is generally preferred by players who are unable to use ethernet and the feature is currently supported by most modern routers, particularly ones used by gamers. It has always been a bit odd that the original PS4 console didn't support 5Ghz WiFi, and should this feature be confirmed, it would give users an incentive to choose a PS4 Slim over Microsoft's own slim console, the Xbox One S.

With all this leaked PS4 Slim information now available, and given that Sony are holding a PlayStation Meeting in early September, there is a very good chance that we may finally get an official reveal to what's recently been the worst kept secret in gaming.

With just a couple of weeks left to go before the reported PS4 Slim and Neo reveal, let's throw the question to you: what do you think Sony will reveal at the PlayStation Meeting? Will the PlayStation 4 Slim indeed have support for 5Ghz WiFi networks? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Twitter (via VG24/7)

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