PS4 1.7 ‘SHAREfactory’ Trailer Showcases Video Editing Features

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It seems that every generation of video game consoles brings with it some marvelous feat of engineering – some unexpected quirk of design destined to cast any and all predecessors in an unflattering light. Most folks will likely recall how Sony’s original PlayStation soon looked Stone Aged in comparison to its immediate big brother, while the introduction of a colorful cousin quickly turned players off of the original Game Boy.

Compared to the quantum leaps of consoles past, today’s top systems aren’t really much for innovation, at least on the surface. Modern graphics may be sweeter, their animation smoother, but that’s all to be expected. Perhaps where we ought to be training our eyes is on the field of amateur-led content, a social experiment that’s becoming ever more viable thanks to the combined efforts of Sony and Microsoft. While the Xbox One has its Upload Studio, the PlayStation 4 is very soon to receive its own ‘SHAREfactory’.

Announced late last week, the all-new editing suite, scheduled to arrive alongside firmware update 1.70 promises to introduce a whole host of user-friendly editing and upload tools. Players will be able to amend their in-game footage via the use of filters, themes, on-screen text and audio tracks, with owners of the PlayStation Camera peripheral also able to record picture-in-picture commentary tracks.

PS4 SHAREfactory editor

While the service doesn’t allow users to upload straight to YouTube, SHAREfactory will support Facebook integration and local downloads i.e. with a USB or external hard drive. For a look at the SHAREfactory in action, check out the new trailer above. For more info on the upcoming add-on, read the official Sony announcement here.

Sony has yet to offer a prospective release date for the patch, though recent rumbling on the official PlayStation Blog suggest that the update is imminent. Replying to a forum user querying the exact release, Sony’s Fred Dutton stated simply “No update for you today I’m afraid. We’ll have news very soon though.”

What do you make of Sony’s latest foray into video editing software? Can SHAREfactory outperform its MS equivalent, the Xbox Upload Studio? Will the growth of video blogs make it harder to find quality amateur content? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to keep up with all of the latest PlayStation 4 news, right here on Game Rant.

Sony has yet to announce a concrete release date for PlayStation firmware update 1.70.

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