Sony’s PS4 console continues its strong sales to remain at the top of the charts, taking the prize of best-selling system of March 2016 in the United States.

In spite of Sony’s larger woes, its gaming division has proved to be a revelation in terms of commercial success. Since the launch of the PS4 in 2013, the home console has left all competitors struggling to keep up, topping sales charts time and time again. Now, Sony has yet again cemented its place at the top table, taking home the title of best-selling system of March 2015 in the United States.

Sony’s statement on their commercial victory certainly made for happy reading for PS4 owners. “Thank you to our fans and partners for making PlayStation 4 the top-selling console and software sales leader for the month of March,” read the statement. “We are truly humbled by the success and look forward to delivering more amazing gaming experiences throughout 2016.”

The sales data itself was compiled by the NPD market research group, who then released the figures. Alongside the console sales news, the group also confirmed the best-selling games of March 2016. Unsurprisingly, the massively popular MMO shooter The Division came out on top – and according to Sony, the PS4 proved to the be “number-one console” for owners of the Ubisoft-released game.

ps4 tops sales december 2015

This is far from the only time that Sony has come out on top in the sales race. One such notable example was another win in the charts in December 2015, with Sony taking an impressive victory in the run-up to Christmas. In fact, the console is doing so well that the creative director of Wargaming has even suggest that the console will have nearly double the number of Xbox One sales by 2019, should all things stay as they are.

That’s not to say that the PS4 has had easy runnings, though. After all, Microsoft’s Xbox One has had occasional sales peaks, and the console has managed to knock Sony of its perch more than once, including during April 2015. However, at the end of the day the PS4 seems to be the clear commercial winner so far.

Whether it remains this way is yet to be seen, and there are plenty of upcoming hardware releases that could truly test Sony’s mettle. Not only is the company entering into the virtual reality race with PlayStation VR, but there will also be a new, highly anticipated device launching in the form of the much-hyped Nintendo NX. Although Sony is sitting pretty at the moment, it looks as though there are going to be even tougher tests to come.

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