Not too long ago, the PS4 was named the best-selling console of June 2017, beating out the highly coveted Nintendo Switch console, as well as its other rival in Microsoft’s current generation system, the Xbox One. Now, Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially revealed even more good news for its system, as the company’s financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2017 – that is, the period between April 1 and June 30, 2017 – detail more than 63.3 million hardware units sold.

As it so happens, Sony managed to move 3.3 million PS4 systems during the latest quarter, which happens to be a slight drop in terms of year-on-year growth from 3.5 million in the same quarter of the past fiscal year. Of course, it’s important to note that these are sell-in numbers to retailers, but even so, the figures are impressive to say the least, as the sell-through numbers had originally been at 60.4 million units sold to consumers before E3 2017.

Interestingly enough, Sony’s revenue has also increased thanks to better software sales through PS4, including games bought digitally. Furthermore, PlayStation VR managed to contribute to the company’s success as well, which has sold 1 million units since the beginning of June. Of course, the headsets’ spike in sales were aided in the somewhat recent discount applied to the console during the course of E3 2017.

Beyond Sony’s past and present successes, the tech firm is already looking to the future, and has made projections regarding how many PS4 consoles it will move by the end of the current fiscal year by March 31, 2018. According to the company’s forecasts, it expects to ship 18 million more units by then, meaning that Sony anticipates PlayStation 4 shipments to hit at least 78 million by the end of March.

All things considered, there’s no doubt that the PS4 is absolutely dominating the console market, and with a slew of highly anticipated exclusives on the horizon, it’s incredibly likely that it will continue to crush the competition in terms of sales. In fact, the system is doing so well financially that a report by Wargaming creative director TJ Wagner stated the Sony console’s sales will nearly double the Xbox One by 2019. So, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for the hardware market.

The PS4 is available now as a standard console, as a thinner version with the PS4 Slim, and in an enhanced edition with the PS4 Pro.

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