PS4 Hits 60 Million Units Shipped as Sony Gaming Income Soars

ps4 sales 60 million

To say that the PS4 has been a success for Sony is something of an understatement, with the console pulling in huge sales since its launch. Now, the console has hit another significant milestone, with units shipped for the PS4 now hitting the 60 million mark.

The news comes via Sony's financial results for the fiscal year 2016-2017, which provide an in-depth breakdown of each of the company's varied industries. There, Sony confirms that it has managed to ship a hugely impressive 20 million units over the course of the fiscal year, which puts its cumulative total now at the 60 million mark. This is a stark increase on the 50 million figure that Sony showed off back in December.

To put this into perspective, it means that the PS4 is continuing to hold steady against the sales of the PS2 over the same time period, and unless there is a dramatic shift in forecasting this certainly points towards overall sales of over 100 million units before the PS4's life cycle is up. Indeed, Sony is predicting to ship another 18 million units in the next financial year, which would put the console only a few million shy of the PS3's lifetime sales after only 4 years on the market.


All in all, the year has proved to be a hugely successful one for Sony's gaming division, known as Game & Network Services, and estimates that the company's gaming sector would see its highest operating profit since 1998 have turned out to be accurate. At the end of the fiscal year, Sony has reported that 2016-2017 resulted in an operating income of 135.6 billion Yen, which is a huge leap from the 88.7 billion Yen of the year before.

The sales figures themselves also make for impressive reading for the company's gaming division. Overall, there was a 6.3% increase in sales for the division, with an increase in PS4 hardware sales making up a significant part of that alongside an increase in software sales including digital. Indeed, these sales figures were offset primarily by both the price reduction of PS4 hardware and the impact of foreign exchange rates - something which Sony cites as a downturn across the board.

However, the next financial year could be a challenging one for Sony. Not only is Nintendo making waves in the hardware market with the impressive early sales figures of the Switch, but Microsoft is also looking to make a resurgence through the launch of the heavy duty Project Scorpio. Let's see whether the PS4 can rise to the challenge.

Source: Sony

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