PS4 Sales Have Passed 50 Million Worldwide


Sony reveals that it has sold 50 million PS4s around the globe, also promising that it will continue to offer the 'best gaming experiences available' to PS4 users.

Throughout the year, the PlayStation 4 has passed several sales milestones. In May, Sony announced that 40 million PS4s had been sold across the globe and then, in early November, Sony revealed that over 47 million PS4s had been bought by gamers, despite a decline in the company's operating income.

It comes as little surprise then, that today Sony is boasting about the PS4's sales figures once more. Sony has now confirmed that, as of December 6, over 50 million PS4s had been sold to consumers and that this figure also includes sales of the newly released PS4 hardware revisions, the PS4 slim and the PS4 Pro.

Sony also revealed that 369.6 million PS4 games have been sold (including both physical copies and games sold through the PlayStation Store) as of December 4. The company didn't reveal how many PlayStation VR headsets had been sold, but as analysts recently suggested that PS VR sales were lower than expected, that makes sense.

The biggest reason for these additional PS4 sales is thought to be Black Friday. Although the Xbox One beat the PS4 on Black Friday in the United States, Sony says that Black Friday week 2016 was the best Black Friday week in the PS4's history. With that in mind, it will be interesting to see who came out on top in the November sales statistics, as the Xbox One had beaten the PS4 for fourth months in a row as of October.


In a press release regarding the future of the console, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House said that Sony will "continue to provide the best gaming experiences available through our ground-breaking software lineup and network services." The statement also said that Sony will "continue to expand the world of PS4 to deliver entertainment experiences that are only possible on PlayStation."

Many of these 'ground-breaking' titles could be seen earlier this month, as a new trailer for Death Stranding was shown at The Game Awards 2016 and not long after Sony surprised gamers by announcing The Last of Us Part Two during its annual PlayStation Experience event.

At this point it's not known how much of an impact these recent game announcements will have on PS4 sales, but judging by the response from gamers on social media, plenty of people are now considering buying a PS4 if they weren't already. That's good news for Sony - which is aiming to sell 60 million PS4s by the end of March 2017 - these newly released figures suggest that the console will surpass that goal but the question now is by how much?

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