New PS4 Sale Offers Deep Discounts on Some of the Biggest Games


There's no doubt that the PS4 has had some great exclusives come out in the last few years, from titles like Uncharted 4 and Horizon: Zero Dawn to this year's God of War. Those who may have missed out on games like these may want to check out the PlayStation Store, as a huge sale is now live.

The promotion, which is being called the Attack of the Blockbuster sale, has a large selection of AAA titles all marked down significantly. It's not just PS4 exclusives, either, as other big titles like Grand Theft Auto 5, along with games in the Call of Duty and Battlefield series are also on sale. PlayStation Plus subscribers also get an additional discount, as well.

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Some of the more noteworthy titles are the aforementioned God of War, which is down to about $40, with the PS Plus price being only $35. Subscribers can also pick up Uncharted 4 for only $10 and the most recent title in the series, spinoff game Uncharted: The Lost Legacy for just $12. The complete edition of Horizon: Zero Dawn, packed with all the DLC, is also only $12. That's just scratching the surface for titles exclusive to the system, too.

As far as multiplatform games, there are a bevy of them to choose from as well. There are multiple editions of Grand Theft Auto 5, with the base game being just under $20 if you are a PS Plus subscriber. The Gold Edition bundle of last year's Call of Duty: WWII can be picked up for as little as $36. Well-received horror sequel Resident Evil 7 is as cheap as $20.

The list of good deals is almost too long to go into detail for everything getting discounted, so those curious will definitely want to check out the sale page, either on the PlayStation Store website or via their PS4 console. It's worth having a look, especially for anyone who has been waiting for these games to go on sale. Some titles are marked down by as much as 70% for PS Plus members, so anyone interested should be sure to take advantage of the sale before it ends on August 28.

Source: PlayStation Store

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