PS4 Pro on Sale for 20% Off, And a Deal on the DualShock 4

ps4 pro sale

While the forthcoming Amazon Prime Day 2019 is certain to offer some of the hottest deals of the summer, other retailers are looking to give Amazon a run for its money with their very own sales. eBay's Hot Deals for Hot Days, for example, is an ongoing sale that brings new discounts to the table every single day, and among the items added to the sale recently are the powerful PS4 Pro as well as DualShock 4 controllers.

More specifically, the PS4 Pro deal now on offer from eBay discounts the 1TB version of the console to $320. This means that players can currently pickup a PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB console at 20% off, though there is indication that there is a limited quantity of consoles available.

Additionally, eBay's Hot Deals for Hot Days includes a DualShock 4 Wireless Controller sale as well. This deal discounts the magma red version of the PS4 controller to $39.99, a 33% savings. Whether a player wants to add an additional controller to their purchase of a brand new PS4 Pro, or they simply need one for their current console, this a great opportunity to take home a new DualShock 4 at a discount.

Furthermore, while players are picking up new PS4 consoles and controllers through eBay's current sale, they can also grab a one year PS Plus Membership for $40, $20 less than what is offered by Sony. Not only does a membership give fans access to online services, it is also grants them the monthly PS Plus free games, and many players are sure to be happy to save some money on their subscriptions.

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As with the PS4 Pro sale, it is said that there are a limited quantity of discounted DualShock 4s and PS Plus subscriptions available. So too, the eBay Hot Deals for Hot Days sale ends on July 22, and players that are interested in these deals must thus act somewhat quickly to get in on the savings before they expire.

For players that may be set on the PS4 items featured in eBay's summer sale, and simply want to add some games to their collection, GameStop may have these fans covered. Indeed, the GameStop Game Days Summer Sale is currently ongoing, and it features some serious price cuts on new PS4 games.

Source: eBay

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