While Sony’s PS4 is still selling extremely well in all parts of the world, as most regular retail browsers know it’s also very hard to find. So hard to find, in fact, that some retailers have taken to marking up the price in order to capitalize on the high demand.

But the news we bring you today is not of a single retailer jacking up the price of PS4 consoles to try to turn a quick buck. Rather, news has just broke via Sony Entertainment Canada that PS4 consoles will start retailing for $449 in the region.

The Toronto Sun has the official statement from Sony Canada, which states, rather succinctly, that the price increase is in response “to changes in the market environment.” The changes will go into effect on March 15th and will include a $50 increase on the PS4 (now $449) and $5 increases on both the PS4 camera and DualShock 4 controller (now $64.00).

It might be easy to assume these “changes” were in response to the PS4’s limited supply, but that may not be the only reason. The declining value of the Canadian dollar versus the US dollar, for example, could have played a part in the decision. And it wouldn’t be the first time Sony has pulled off such a move either. Back in 2007, Sony upped the price of the then $659 model PS3 to $699, citing the declining Canadian dollar as a reason.

It’s worth mentioning too that new next-gen releases for both consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, have jumped up to $64.99 in the region. Sony Canada also has plans to up the price to $69.99 on two of their forthcoming exclusives, inFAMOUS: Second Son and MLB 14 The Show. That being said, Microsoft claims they have no plans to increase the price of their Xbox One console. It should stay at $499.

Obviously, this price increase is a disappointing blow to our fellow Canadian gamers, and it doesn’t seem to be a temporary change either. We’d recommend anyone who was on the fence about picking up a PS4 do so right this second (provided they can find one). This is the sign you’ve been waiting for.

Do you think it’s fair to raise PS4 prices even if supplies are limited? Would you still pick up the console (if you found it) at the $50 mark-up?

Source: Toronto Sun

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