The PlayStation 4 appears to have received a price drop, as online retailers have adjusted prices for a specific Slim SKU of the console. The PS4 is normally priced at $299, though it can very often be found on sale for less, but multiple retailers appear to have adjusted its price down to $279. Walmart even went as far down as $269, and Target is even advertising the price point in their print flyer. While the shift may just be a coincidence as retailers try to capitalize on upcoming PS4 exclusives, a more permanent discount may be approaching.

The version of the PlayStation 4 that has gone on sale is the PS4 Slim 500GB console bundled with a controller and a copy of Uncharted 4. The 1TB kit PlayStation 4 Slim that does not include a bundled game remains at $299 and no adjustment has been made to the $399 PlayStation 4 Pro as of yet. The only PS4 SKU getting discounted is the Uncharted 4 bundle.

Given the situation, it’s difficult to tell whether Sony is pushing a permanent discount for the PlayStation 4 or if retailers have this much freedom in adjusting the console’s price. Keep in mind that Sony discounted the PlayStation 4, including this same Uncharted 4 bundle, down to $250 during both Black Friday last year and for multiple weeks in February of this year. Sony is more than capable of discounting its console at will, permanently or otherwise, but hasn’t felt the need to do so just yet.

PlayStation 4 Uncharted Bundle Discounted - Lost Legacy

Discounts tend to come hand in hand with holidays or the launch of a big game, and there is one big Sony exclusive coming out very soon. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy launches on August 22, a full game spun off of the Nathan Drake Uncharted series starring different but familiar protagonists. Uncharted is always a big seller for Sony, but there’s some uncertainty as to whether The Lost Legacy will create as much hype as its predecessors. If this is the reason for the PS4 discount, it shows a lot of faith in the game.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy isn’t the only PlayStation 4 exclusive coming out in the near future, however. Yakuza Kiwami launches at the end of August. Knack 2 launches at the start of September. And then there’s a little multiplatform game called Destiny 2 launching soon that Sony has a marketing deal with. If it isn’t Uncharted: The Lost Legacy that’s worth discounting the PlayStation 4 for, it’s Destiny 2.

Whatever the reasoning, the PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB SKU bundled with Uncharted 4 is discounted to $279 at many online retailers right now and more could follow soon. If this is more than just a coincidence, expect Sony to make an official announcement in the days ahead.


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