Sony's PlayStation 4 Will Cost More Than $1,800 in Brazil

PS4 Price Brazil

While gamers have known for quite some time that Sony's PS4 would retail for $399 here in the States, other territories have not been so lucky. Gamers in Brazil, for example, had to wait until this week to find out the retail price for Sony's new console, which also launches in November.

Unfortunately for those gamers living in Brazil, the PS4 will come with quite the price tag, more than quadruple what gamers in the US will pay. Yes, gamers in Brazil will be paying more than $1800 for their own glimpse into the next-gen.

Sony broke the news on the Brazilian version of the PlayStation blog, saying that the PS4 will retail for R$ 3,999 in the country. Converted into US Dollars, R$ 3,999 (or 3,999 Real) is $1,849.85. Crazy.

While Sony does not cite a reason for the high price point, it's important to mention that the PS3 retailed for R$1,999 ($924) at launch. So, whereas the PS4's price in the US is much cheaper than the PS3's was at launch, the converse is true for the Brazilian market.

In addition to a fairly steep margin for the console itself, PS4 games will also come at somewhat of a premium - $82 versus the standard $60. That price hike, however, sounds a lot closer to the types of rates we are used to seeing with international territories. In the UK, for example, the PS4 will retail for €399 or roughly $546.

Despite the shocking price for the PS4, though, the Brazilian market will not fair that much better with the Xbox One either. Microsoft's next-gen console — while not as expensive as the PS4 — will still retail for a hefty $R1,299, or over $1,000.

So, while price was a major contributing factor in the PS4's forward momentum coming out of E3 2013, the price for Brazilian gamers is certainly working against the console's appeal. Perhaps, as supplies normalize, the price of each console will taper off, but for now it seems those who want to experience the next-gen will only be able to do so for a hefty price.

Would you pay $1,800+ for a PS4 if you were living in Brazil? Why do you think the price is so high in that country?

Sony's PS4 will be available November 15, 2013 in North America.


Source: PlayStation Blog Brazil

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