20 Great PS4 Games 'PlayStation Hits' Should Add in 2018

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On Tuesday, Sony announced the official PlayStation 4 successor to the franchise's vaunted Greatest Hits library of affordable awesome games. The PlayStation Hits lineup will arrive on store shelves June 22 in North America, with each of the currently announced 15 games retailing for just $19.99. Some of the PS4's best games, including Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, Doom, and Metal Gear Solid 5, are featured, but there's always room for more.

The PlayStation 3's Greatest Hits library features over 150 games, so PlayStation 4 owners should expect the PlayStation Hits lineup to grow quickly. With that in mind, it can't hurt to speculate and daydream about what's coming next. Here's a list of 20 awesome PlayStation 4 releases that could (and should) be released by the end of 2018.

To keep things realistic the list is being held to some ground rules, because while everyone would love God of War for $19.99 it's just not going to happen for a while yet.

  1. Only games that are at least two years old. That means all games released through 2016 but not after.
  2. No games that are currently available in PlayStation Hits either in the US or Europe, even though there's quite a bit of difference between the two.
  3. Only games that have all post-launch content bundled into a retail release that's currently available.
  4. Only games that have trended towards a retail price below $30. Grand Theft Auto 5 and The Witcher 3 Complete Edition aren't ready to drop to $19.99 just yet.

Don't stress too much over the rules, as limiting as they may seem Sony's actual rules are probably even harsher. There are luckily more than enough PlayStation 4 hits to fill out a list of twenty games and well beyond.

  • Battlefield 1 Revolution Edition
  • Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin Edition / Dark Souls 3: The Fire Fades Edition
  • Destiny The Collection
  • Dirt Rally
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition Game of the Year Edition
  • Inside / Limbo Double Pack
  • Journey Collector's Edition
  • Knack
  • The Last Guardian
  • Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto
  • NBA 2K16 / NBA 2K17
  • The Order: 1886
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 / Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
  • Rocket League Collector's Edition
  • Shovel Knight
  • Tales of Berseria
  • Titanfall 2
  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition / Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration
  • Wolfenstein: The Two Pack
  • Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection
  • Until Dawn

As is apparent, games from the same series or franchise have been lumped together. And then there are bundle boxes like the Journey and Inside collections. Technically, the list is closer to 25 or 30 than 20 actual games as a result, but what's a PlayStation Hits list without extra value?

The list made effort to cover a variety of genres, from sports titles like Pro Evolution Soccer and NBA 2K, to indie games like Shovel Knight and the Inside/Limbo combo pack. Even multiplayer games including Rocket League, Destiny, and Battlefield 1 are represented. To be fair, there is a dearth in games for younger audiences, but great kids games have been somewhat rare on consoles this generation. One big difference between these speculative additions and what's already announced, though, is the ratio of exclusives to multiplatform titles. As many exclusives as Sony has, there's still only so many to go around.

Now that Sony has opened the floodgates for PlayStation Hits, expect new games to be added seasonally at a quick pace. This list is just an example of what might be coming over the next six or so months, but anything is possible. Maybe the branding change from Greatest Hits to PlayStation Hits implies Sony will be shrinking the library compared to previous years. Or maybe the onset of the digital age will do that on its own.

15 PlayStation Hits become available starting June 22 with more to come. What game would you love to see added?

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