PlayStation 4: New Line Of DualShock Colors Are Gorgeous

playstation 4 fall 2019 colors

Originally having launched back in 2013, it's generally acknowledged that the PlayStation 4 is quickly nearing the end of its life cycle. The console remains incredibly popular with fans and still has a massive base of players who continue to wait for exclusive titles like Ghost of TsushimaThe Last of Us 2, Death Stranding, and more. Even with the PS5 on the horizon, Sony is still creating new accessories including four gorgeous looking new DualShock controllers.

Revealed in a short trailer, the latest four PlayStation 4 controllers each bring with them a new visual color scheme that should appeal to all players out there. The first one introduced is Rose Gold, a color commonly found in jewelry and is basically a mix of gold and copper which gives it a metallic pink hue. The finish on this controller is quite shiny and vibrant as well, giving it that metallic look.

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Next up is Titanium Blue, another metallic style controller with a gray mixed with blue color. The third controller in this line is one that has already acquired the nickname Thanos Controller due to its color. Electric Purple is exactly as it sounds, a vibrant purple controller with dark purple tips at the bottom of the controller handles. What makes this controller stand out a bit more than the others is that the face buttons are actually silver, rather than the traditional PlayStation button colors.

The final controller in the Fall 2019 line is one that has been highly requested by the fan base, Red Camouflage. Similar to previously released styles like the popular Urban Camouflage, this new controller features a vibrant red background with the familiar camouflage markings over the rest of it.

Considering how late in the PS4 lifecycle these controllers are releasing, many fans have been wondering if there would be any compatibility between these and the PS5 once that is released. Although that's a question that likely won't be answered for at least a year, Sony has opened up about other parts of its next generation console including some of the hardware specs fans can expect. Rumors indicate that Sony is targeting the hardcore with its upcoming console and will likely be able to eliminate loading screens using a new patent combined with tech like AMD's Zen 2 line of microprocessors.

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