It’s exciting times for the video game industry with two next-gen consoles a little over a month away. Sony’s PS4 is slated to hit US store shelves on November 15th and Microsoft’s Xbox One will release a week later on November 22nd.

And with those consoles will come plenty of new features to tinker around with, like the PS4’s new dashboard or the Xbox One’s gameplay DVR. Both consoles are bringing a lot of new toys to the table, many of which will make gamers’ lives a lot easier.

One such feature for the PS4 is the new PS4 App, which allows gamers to send messages to friends and trigger remote downloads straight from their mobile phone or tablet. And, as we have now learned, the App is coming to the Vita as well.

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida broke the news on his Twitter account, confirming that the PlayStation 4 App — called PS4 Link — will be available on Sony’s handheld with the next update.

This is great news for those gamers who don’t have iOS or Android devices, as it gives them another way to enjoy the PS4’s second screen experience. It also further connects the Vita and the PS4 beyond the ‘Remote Play’ feature, which may or may not be available at launch.

Background downloading has been one of the major bullet points for the PS4 thus far, as it sets the console up for the inevitable digital-only future. Games are only going to get bigger size-wise, so being able to purchase and download a game on the ride home or while at work makes things that much easier.

Sony is also looking to make social interactions a major focal point for the console through gameplay sharing, easy messaging, and whatnot. The PS4 app will also help with that, keeping players’ friends list at their fingertips at all times. The iOS and Android versions of the app allow for text and voice messages, but it’s unclear if the Vita version will support.

Also unclear is when exactly the app might be hitting mobile storefronts. We know it will hit alongside the launch of the PS4, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the app hit a few days before.

Do you think you will regularly use the PS4 app? What other features would you like to see the app include?

The PS4 releases November 15, 2013.

Source: Shuhei Yoshida – Twitter

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