Report: PS4 Could Be As Successful As PS2, Wii

PS4 Lifetime Sales Prediction

In the grand scheme of things, the PlayStation 4 is only in its early infancy. Sony’s current-gen console only just launched in November of 2013, and while sales are still extremely strong, the company knows that early success doesn’t a landmark home entertainment platform make. They are in it for the long haul, and are after type of success that befell platforms like the Wii and PS2.

Lucky for Sony, one analysis firm has already predicted that the PlayStation 4 could reach the heights of success that only a select few consoles reach. The firm, Strategy Analytics, believes that the PS4 will hit around 80 million units sold by 2019, which would put it on the path to PS2 and Wii-level success. Those consoles sold 150 million and 100 million units, respectively.

Strategy Analytics uses 2019 because they believe that’s when the PS4 should be at the peak of its life cycle. Four years is plenty of time for Sony to bolster its software line-up with worthwhile options, and it also affords enough time for a price drop or two, which, according to Strategy Analytics, will put the PS4 about 40% ahead of the Xbox One by 2019.

Speaking of the Xbox One, the firm believes that the other current-gen platform will reach around 50 million units in 2019, so there’s no reason for Microsoft to worry about their console’s future. Obviously, it will have to play second fiddle during this particular cycle, but one of the two consoles has to.

PS4 Outselling Xbox One

It would be interesting to find out if Strategy Analytics made their report before or after Microsoft saw sizeable increases in Xbox One sales. Late last year, the company made a strong play for the PS4 crown with a $50 price drop, and by and large the move worked. The Xbox One overtook the PS4 for the months of November and December, which are key parts of the fiscal year.

Then again, Sony appears ready for the short term and the long-term play. They retook the top selling console title in January and have some big plans for 2015. And if they play their cards right, and Strategy Analytics is correct, there are even bigger things on the horizon.

Do you think the PS4 will be as successful as the PS2 or Wii? Will it still hold a huge lead over the Xbox One?


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