Having been through the early days of argumentation, the virulence leading up to release and the post-release bickering, the PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One console war now finds itself in a rather more mellow time, though both Sony and Microsoft fans are keeping half an eye on the sales figures.

So far the PS4 has held a decisive lead that is predicted to continue, but a few factors make this a little more complicated than just a numbers game. For starters, there’s the price difference between the consoles which means that every Xbox One sold nets Microsoft an extra $100 compared to the PS4. There’s also the fact that the PS4 is currently available in a wider range of countries than the Xbox One.

Balancing this out, however, was the wait for the PS4’s Japanese release, since its predecessor outsold the Xbox 360 by a significant margin in Sony’s home country. Famitsu reports that, just two days after its release, the PS4 has already seen a similar success with 322,083 units sold already.

What other Naughty Dog exclusives could be on the way for PS4?

What other Naughty Dog exclusives could be on the way for PS4?

To add a little context, the PS4 recently hit 5.3 million sales¬†worldwide before the Japan launch and is expected to sell a total of 12 million by the end of 2014. It’s certainly been a successful launch for the console, although with retail unit availability still heavily constrained some people are having trouble even tracking one down.

The number of games available on the new consoles is also still fairly limited, and the biggest exclusives for both the Xbox One and PS4 are still yet to be released. Sony’s upcoming exclusives include Sucker Punch’s latest superhero/villain game inFAMOUS: Second Son and Naughty Dog’s future titles, both in the Uncharted franchise and beyond.

The relatively small library of games available for the new consoles also means that gamers who have to be a little more frugal with their spending will likely wait until prices come down a little before making room by their televisions for another black box. It may be a long time before we can conclusively say which company won the eighth generation.


Source: Famitsu

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