PS4 HBO Go App Available Now

PS4 HBO Go App

Although Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been the current generation leader as far as sales are concerned, the console has lagged behind its competition in certain areas. But, this week the company is making a huge step towards console parity and consumer satisfaction.

Starting today, PS4 owners will finally be able to enjoy the fruits of their premium cable subscription with the new HBO Go app. It’s been a long time coming for the union of PlayStation 4 and HBO Go, and finally our dreams of watching Game of Thrones Season 5 directly from the console will be realized.

While it might seem insignificant in the larger scheme of things, HBO Go on PS4 is huge for Sony. For most of us the PS4 is a console first and foremost, but for some it’s seen as a media-streaming device. In fact, a survey of Netflix subscribers a while back revealed that the PS3 was the premiere option when it came to streaming.

However, it took some time for these new consoles to get up to speed, especially when it came to the full suite of streaming services. Sure, both Xbox One and PS4 offered Netflix and Hulu, but HBO Go took a bit longer. But once Xbox One got the service, it actually took a slight advantage when it comes to streaming. Now PS4 has caught right back up.

HBO Go Coming to Xbox Live in April

According to Sony, the HBO Go app on PS4 won’t be much different than the PS3 version. Unfortunately, those who do use the app will have to go through the same rigmarole of authenticating their console, so it's best to try and find that cable login information now.

Soon, however, consumers will be able to access HBO Go without a cable subscription, likely in time for Game of Thrones in April. Media streaming is bigger than it ever has been before, and these new consoles have become a major part of that. The PSN update has already gone live, so PS4 users should be able to download the HBO Go app and binge.

Are you happy to see HBO Go finally make its way to PS4? Which device do you do the bulk of your streaming on?

Source: Sony

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