Earlier this month, YouTube revealed that the PS4 reveal trailer was among their most watched videos of 2013. Sony’s next-gen unveiling was a highlight of the year for many reasons, so it was not surprising to see the trailer make the list.

Not to be outdone, YouTube’s parent company Google has revealed its list of the most searched terms and, once again, the PS4 takes top honors in a few categories. Obviously, you can’t get to the PS4 YouTube trailer if you aren’t searching for the term.

According to Google’s 2013 Zeitgeist list, which lists the top trending and most searched words of the year, the PS4 was the number one trending tech gadget term out of more than 1 trillion searches. Additionally, the PS4 was the ninth most searched term in 2013.

What makes the PS4’s feat even more impressive is that it was the only game console to make the top 10 in the tech gadget category. Granted, Sony‘s latest home entertainment device had a several month lead over the Xbox One (announced in May 2013), but both were hot button issues throughout the latter part of the year. Some might even say that the Xbox One’s negative press fueled its online prominence past the PS4.

The rest of the Top Trending Tech Gadget list included hugely popular devices like the iPhone 5s, the iPad Air, and Google’s Chromecast. All were buzz worthy devices announced in the year, but none could match the PS4’s profile, at least on Google.

Although the PS4 didn’t launch until mid-November of this year, the next-gen console has been on our minds since the very beginning of 2013, or even earlier. Rumors had been circulating that 2013 would be the year Sony finally made the leap and released a successor to the PS3, and it wasn’t long before they confirmed those rumors.

Now, the PS4 is on store shelves and in gamers’ homes, and while it’s not a perfect device yet it shows a ton of promise. So much promise that we wouldn’t be surprised if people continued to search for more information about it well into next year and beyond.

What piece of tech do you think garnered the most attention in 2013? What were you most interested in?

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