Rumors of the PS4 getting PS1/PS2 classics support flare up again after the PS4 version of Star Wars Bounty Hunter features a PS2 control scheme in the menu.

Star Wars Battlefront is one massively popular game, but it’s not the only Star Wars game that people are excited to get their hands on this year. Alongside Battlefront is the Star Wars Classic pack of games, which are available on PS4 for the first time ever, with trophy support. With Battlefront and the classic game pack having been released in North America yesterday (with a few technical issues), players have been able to relive those nostalgic moments but on top of that, the game pack has also sparked new speculation that the PS4 is getting support for PS1 and PS2 classics.

After one reddit user went on a hunt to find someone who was streaming the Star Wars classic game pack on Twitch, they eventually found someone playing Star Wars Bounty Hunter. The streamer paused the game (at the reddit user’s request) to show off the control scheme in the pause menu, a control scheme that featured a PlayStation 2 controller rather than the updated PS4 DualShock 4 controller. It appears to suggest that rather than being a port of the PS2 version of Bounty Hunter, having been updated (control scheme and all) for PS4, Sony actually has the technology to natively emulate PS2 games and add PS4 trophy support.

PS4 getting PS1, PS2 classic support rumor

While an image of a old control scheme is obviously very little to go on, it’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time that the PS1/PS2 game support on PS4 has cropped up. A survey sent out by Sony last month quizzed survey takers on what they’d like to see from PS4 firmware update 4.0, with one of the options being PS1/PS2 game support. The survey also asked when users would like to see update 4.0 rolled out, with one option being before the end of 2015, so if PS1/PS2 classics support is on the way it could arrive fairly soon.

Not only that but earlier this year, Sony renewed the Twisted Metal trademark and in September, several PS2 games including Twisted Metal: Black, Ape Escape and Dark Cloud were rated by (European ratings board) PEGI for PS4. While it’s entirely possibly that Sony is planning PS4 re-releases for just a handful of games, rather than full-scale PS1/PS2 classics support, this information looks incredibly promising.

As for when PS4 players can expect an announcement on classic support, assuming that the rumor is true then the PlayStation Experience 2015 event in December would offer Sony a very big platform to make such a reveal. Over 100 games will be on show at PlayStation Experience so let’s hope that some PS1 and PS2 titles will be some of them.

Which PS1/PS2 games would you like to play on PS4? What other features would you like Sony to add to the console? Leave a comment and let us know.

Source: reddit

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