PlayStation 4 Gets New Firmware Update

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Sony recently pushed out the big 3.0 update to PlayStation 4 consoles around the world a few weeks ago, and with every large launch comes a patch to fix the bugs and glitches which tend to come along for the ride. Though Sony hasn’t released the official patch notes to accompany the update as of yet, it’s clear that the entire update wasn’t just bug fixes – there’s a new feature for following celebrity accounts that gamers are sure to enjoy.

The 3.0 update introduced plenty of long-awaited content, including a new events app, YouTube broadcasting, sharing to Twitter, communities, and stickers. That version of the PlayStation operating system came September 30th, which closed off a month which saw the PlayStation 4 lead the console sales charts. The 3.10 stability update helps ensure the aforementioned features get more refined, and offers a better experience all around.

The 3.10 update adds the ability for gamers to follow their favorite game developers, so they can more easily see what gaming icons like Naughty Dog‘s Neil Druckmann have been playing. Following a ‘verified account’ system much like Twitter, this will allow for gamers to follow their favorite studios and developers, and keep tabs on them from the PS4’s “What’s New” section. This way, even if gamers aren’t PSN friends with the verified account, they can still keep tabs on the developers to see what they’re playing.

PS4 Verified Accounts

The update also brings a load of fresh stickers, a feature which was introduced in the big 3.0 update a few weeks ago. Stickers allow for gamers to send PS4-based emojis to other users instead of typing messages, an act which can save time when, say, gaming on a PS4. It’s expected that sticker updates will keep pouring out as new games are released, as they’re basically a free way for Sony to advertise new titles straight to the masses in a cute and somewhat useful fashion.

The stickers from the latest update include packs for The Last Of Us, God of War, Hohokum, Fat Princess Adventures, and Journey.  Of course, these stickers are available free to everyone who has a PSN account. They may not be exclusive collector’s edition steelbooks, but the digital icons are still pretty neat – though responses to their inclusion have been mixed.

We fully expect Sony to release the patch notes later today, a feature which traditionally accompanies any firmware update by the time it goes live.

The PlayStation 4 3.10 firmware update is available now, and comes in at a size of 238.8 megabytes.

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