PS4 Elite Controller Listing Appears, But It's Not Official

ps4 elite controller

A listing for a PlayStation 4 Elite controller appears online, but no official word from Sony and an $80 price tag suggests the device is third party and not of 'elite' quality.

When the Xbox Elite controller was first unveiled, most didn’t know how the gaming public would respond to the device. High-end controllers were nothing new to the market, but this was the first time in recent memory that a publisher was responsible for the device’s manufacture. And as it turns out, the response was overwhelmingly positive – to the point the Xbox Elite controller was hard to find during its first few months of release.

So, it only makes sense that others would want to copy that formula, namely Sony and its DualShock 4. And as it turns out, there is a PlayStation 4 Elite controller on the way, but it’s not from Sony.

As the name implies, the PlayStation 4 Elite controller is not a souped-up version of the DualShock 4; it’s actually an $80 off-brand controller with “elite-like” features. Those include back paddles, a grooved d-pad, and some customization options, to name a few.

In fact, this PlayStation 4 Elite controller is fully compatible with the Xbox Elite in terms of replaceable features. So any who may own the Xbox Elite will be able to mix and match back paddles and joysticks with this upcoming controller.

All that said, though, it can’t be stressed enough that the PlayStation 4 Elite controller is not a Sony manufactured product. It may look like the Xbox Elite, but the major selling point of the Xbox Elite controller is that Microsoft manufactures it.

In other words, we can’t speak to the quality of the controller or the type of comfort/ease of use that it may offer. Third party controllers are hit or miss, with most landing in the “miss” category. Plus, at nearly half the price of the Xbox Elite – arguably the best controller on the market right now – it’s hard to imagine that this PlayStation 4 Elite controller will be seen as anything as a cheap knock-off.

ps4 elite controller back
ps4 elite controller box

If there are any gamers out there looking for something comparable to the Elite for their PS4 we would recommend taking a look at Scuf. The Scuf brand has been around since before the Xbox Elite was introduced, and operates in a very similar space.

Essentially what they do is customize a real DualShock 4 controller with back paddles, different types of joysticks, and they even offer different color combinations. At this point, a Scuf is the closest thing to a “PlayStation 4 Elite” controller as gamers are going to get, until Sony announces something official.

As far as if/when Sony might announce something official, this week’s PlayStation Meeting seems like the best bet for the foreseeable future. If there were to be an Elite DualShock 4 then an announcement alongside the PlayStation NEO would be perfect. Outside of that, though, Sony fans might be waiting a while to see something comparable to the Xbox Elite.

The PlayStation 4 Elite controller will reportedly be available on November 1, 2016 for $79.99.

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