10 Easy Platinum Trophies To Get On PS4

Everyone with a Playstation 4 (or even 3) knows that the way to level up your account is by gaining trophies. Some games, you can complete while barely earning a single trophy, they're so hidden in the side quests; others, most are unmissable. Some games will make the trophies extremely hard to get but one thing is for certain — if you do manage to grab every bronze, silver, and gold trophy that a game has to offer, you'll be given the platinum trophy which will advance your level most.

Some people consider themselves trophy-hunters and pride themselves on their literally-thousands of achievements. Some people don't care. But if you would like some platinum trophies on your account and are struggling to get them, here are some games that'll make it real easy (along with some that are fairly easy and still extremely enjoyable).

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10 Any Telltale Game

telltale games making a comeback, retains wolf among us rights

Telltale have released many games such as The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Game of Thronesetc. It's been a rollercoaster with Telltale lately, what with them shutting down and then announcing a comeback (and retaining The Wolf Among Us rights... season two, anyone?). But regardless of all this, they've made some extremely enjoyable games and the trophies are usually easy to obtain since there's no such thing as side quests. You might need to play some of them a few times to gather all the trophies, but none of them are a huge struggle as long as you take the time to explore every choice given to you.

9 Burly Men At Sea

A game set in Scandinavia, Burly Men at Sea is a cute little adventure game about some fishermen who come up against a bunch of mythological creatures. You make choices that shape the entire story, much like other games, but the graphics are very simple and yet charming. Like Telltale games, the trophies are very easy to gain and hard to miss, so it's a good one to play through if you're looking for some platinums.

8 Mr. Massagy

Mr. Massagy is just plain weird, but definitely easy to get a platinum in. The player goes through a Tinder-like experience with different women and the goal is to unlock different massage settings for your controller. It's not a particularly challenging time, but it can be a good laugh to play with friends (or play alone, hey, if that's your thing), and the platinum trophy will be unlocked in no time.

7 Firewatch

Firewatch is a bit of a longer experience, but it's also easy to get the platinum since only five trophies can be missed since most of them are awarded for finishing each scene. It's a mystery game set out in the wilderness, where a man has taken a job to... well, watch fires, as the game would suggest. The graphics are absolutely stunning and it's a game you'll get lost in so fast that you won't even notice it takes around ten hours to get the platinum trophy and complete everything.

6 Donut County

donut county gameplay

Donut County is an indie game with a really simple concept. The player controls a hole, which grows in size as you move it around to swallow objects.

Alright, we admit it — the story isn't super compelling. But if you want a game that's a little mindless and you don't need to pay too much attention to, along with being awarded a nice platinum trophy at the very end of it all, this is a good one to go for. And it's admittedly very pretty.

5 My Name Is Mayo

This is purely a clicker game so like the one above, My Name Is Mayo is one that won't take you very long and most people play purely for the trophy — still, if you want some brain simulation that won't require too much effort on your part, this is another good one to go for.

4 Until Dawn

Until Dawn is much longer than some of the games on this list, but one to get truly invested in — and the only trophy that's challenging is the one for keeping everyone alive. A horror story about a cabin in the mountains attacked by something, this group of friends has to survive... until dawn. Your goal is to keep everyone alive, and there are various trophies unlocked for certain people kept alive (such as all the women, all the men, etc.), and even one for killing everyone.

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As long as you make sure to explore every area to find all the clues, this platinum trophy is pretty easy to get. Why? Because when you've done the game once, you can replay each chapter rather than having to go through the whole thing again.

3 Lara Croft & Hitman Go

A couple of turn-based puzzle games, they were originally released on mobile before later being ported to the PS4 and thankfully for us, because that means the trophy became easy. If you struggle with any aspect of these, it's easy to cheat and look up a walkthrough which makes the platinum trophy almost ridiculously easy to get.

2 Life Is Strange

xbox confirms two more games for game pass

Life is Strange is one of the longer games on this list since it goes by seasons and chapters but much like Until Dawn, it's easy to get the trophies because you don't have to go super out of your way for any and none are particularly challenge. The concept of the game is rewinding time and making difference choices to affect the present and future, which in itself is a pretty fascinating concept and it's one of those games to get utterly lost in. You'll have the platinum before you know it.

1 Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator may not have a story as engaging or beautiful as Life is Strange, but it's... sort of charming in its own way. You control a goat and go around causing chaos, as goats tend to do! It can be a bit of a cathartic one to play after a long day at work when your brain isn't functioning well enough for any challenges and if you play for long enough, the platinum trophy is seriously not a challenge.

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