A new certification filed by Sony with the Federal Communications Commission suggests the company may be working on a wireless PC adapter for the DualShock controller.

When it comes to using console-style controllers on PC, Microsoft has long had a monopoly. The fact that the company is the developer of both the Xbox and Windows platforms gives it a built-in advantage and that’s something that Microsoft has made clear it will continue to exploit in the future. Upcoming initiatives like Xbox Play Anywhere are designed to bring down the wall between console and PC gamers, while spiffy new custom Xbox One controllers have even longtime members of the PC Master Race looking to splurge.

Microsoft’s domination in this area is so complete, in fact, that most PlayStation gamers have resigned themselves for years to having to go out and purchase an Xbox or third-party controller if they want to game wirelessly with a more traditional gamepad on their PC. But now, a new certification filed by Sony seems to indicate that things may be about to change.

DualShockers was the first to spot Sony’s filing related to a wireless Bluetooth adapter and the website notes that the letter Z in the first half of the product code for the certification is “normally associated with controllers.”

The certification, requested by Sony Interactive Entertainment, is for a “wireless adaptor” with the product code CUH-ZWA1U. The “CUH” series of codes is associated with PS4 and its accessories, indicating that the adapter is related to Sony’s console.

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Put two and two together and it seems like Sony might be looking to make a DualShock PC wireless adapter that will work on Windows 10. That said, there are other possibilities. DualShockers notes that the adapter could also be designed for Bluetooth headset support on the PlayStation 4. The PS4 currently only supports a limited number of headsets via its internal Bluetooth module and right now third-party adapters are responsible for connecting the rest. An official Sony adapter could bring more widespread support directly through a proprietary accessory.

It’s probably worth noting here, that it is possible to use a DualShock controller on the PC right now for gamers that are willing to use certain emulation programs. But to be clear, this is not officially supported by Sony and most of those programs make the PC think the controller is an Xbox 360 pad.

This latest rumor is just one more to add to the pile related to Sony’s hardware plans. Gamers and industry watchers are anticipating a PlayStation Neo announcement before the end of the year, as well as the possibility of PlayStation 4 Slim reveal. But another recent report claims that Sony will not be appearing at this year’s GamesCom, which means all eyes are now on the Tokyo Game Show in September.

Sources: DualShockers

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