PS4 Discount Spoiled by Leaked Sam’s Club Ad

By | 12 months ago 

A leaked Sam’s Club advertisement reveals a deal involving PlayStation 4 consoles being sold at a heavily discounted price through the retail chain next week.

According to a flyer leaked by a supposed employee of Sam’s Club on Cheap Ass Gamer, the chain store is set to sell PlayStation 4 bundles for $299 next Saturday, November 14. The retailer doesn’t list how much memory will be included with the Sony console—500 GB should be expected rather than 1 TB—and a free game is shown as being a part of the deal, but the ad fails to mention a specific title.

Although the PlayStation 4 bundle from Sam’s Club has a magnificent price attached, it should be noted that the deal will be offered for only one day as a 7:00 AM doorbuster (for both physical stores and online), which means retailers are likely to sell out fast. Plus, the cost shows a savings of $50, indicating the game’s inclusion, but it doesn’t list whether or not consumers have the option to actually choose which title they would like to have in the bundle. Instead, the ad simply states, “Free game may vary by club.”

The retail warehouse has yet to confirm the particulars of the PS4 bundle, so details are subject to change. However, there aren’t many that will deny $299 as being a spectacular price for the console with a game. For those wishing to take advantage of the sale, fans will need to have a Sam’s Club membership, and they are available for an annual fee of $45.


With holiday sales ramping up, the Sam’s Club deal will surely help Sony add to the already massive amount of its current-gen consoles shipped, as PS4 sales have reached nearly 30 million units since its release. Not to mention, once next week’s doorbuster deal is over, gaming fans will surely continue to purchase the system, as Sony set a $50 price drop in North America earlier in October of this year. And just a few days ago, the current-gen console became less expensive in both Europe and Australia as well, with the PS4 price getting slashed to €349.99, £299.99, and AUD$480 across the board.

While the “world’s most powerful console” is definitely the most popular system as far as commercial revenue goes, if Sony wants to ensure market dominance, it will need to build its library of exclusives. Yes, the Japan-based tech firm’s PS4 has a commanding lead over the competition. However, if Microsoft successfully implements its plans to move away from third-party exclusives and focus on its own intellectual properties without Sony looking to construct a solid first-party catalog as well, then the Xbox One has a chance—albeit a small one—to catch up in sales over time.

For the sake of clarity, the $299 PlayStation 4 bundle offer through Sam’s Club will presumably begin next Saturday, November 15, 2015.

Source: Cheap Ass Gamer (via Polygon)